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Revision Rhinoplasty

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Revision rhinoplasty can be more difficult than the initial procedure and requires a doctor with a particular skill set and years of experience. Previous nose surgery in San Francisco may have removed much of the underlying cartilage and generated scar tissue which may pose additional challenges. As a rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. David C. Mabrie has developed a special interest in these challenging cases.

Dr. Mabrie works with men and women from throughout the Bay Area including San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek and Pinole. Request a consultation online or call us at (415) 445-9513 today.

Featured Cases

Case 319

Background: This Bay Area woman, in her 30's, felt she was looking older and wanted to freshen up her look. She consulted with Dr. Mabrie about Dermafillers for her under eyes. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "I am really excited about this case. Pretty often I see some moderate sagging of the cheek skin. I also noticed that her nose had some asymmetry to it and I felt it would really make her face look...

Case 318

Background: Woman with Eastern European background, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, had received Juvederm previously for under eye circles but wasn't happy with the outcome. She found Dr. Mabrie online and was impressed with the patient reviews. She was also impressed with Dr. Mabrie's approach and focus on non-surgical facial sculpting. She consulted with Dr. Mabrie for treatment of he...

Case 312

Background: This woman in her 40's and mother of 2 had been considering treatment for her nose about a year. She found Dr. Mabrie online and liked the reviews and photo gallery examples. She decided to schedule a consultation in his San Francisco office. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "This patient was an excellent candidate for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty. On frontal view, the contour of her nasal bridge...

Case 305

Background: This Santa Cruz woman had long felt her nose was a little round and bulbous. She liked her nose and face in general but was interested in refining her nose. She was certain she did not want a surgical procedure so when she found Dr. Mabrie's website and watched the videos and reviewed the before and after photos, she decided to visit San Francisco for a consultation. Dr. Mabrie's Asse...

Case 300

Background: This African American man in his 20's, had long felt his nose detracted from the rest of his face. While he liked its shape in general, he felt his nose looked too childlike. He searched for a surgeon familiar with ethnic rhinoplasty. He liked Dr. Mabrie's videos and consulted with him in his San Francisco office about Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty.   Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: In th...

Case 276

Background: This young woman from the East bay wanted to subtly change the look of her nose but was not wanting surgery. She consulted with Dr. Mabrie at his San Francisco office about Non Surgical Rhinoplasty. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "This case illustrates the importance of a smooth nasal contour. With Rhinoplasty surgery her nose would been reduced, breaking the bone and cutting the cartilage....

Case 261

Background: This East Bay woman long considered surgery to narrow her nostrils. She consulted with Dr. Mabrie at his San Francisco office regarding Surgical Rhinoplasty. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "I recommended Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty to augment the nasal bridge and tip, combined with an in office surgical nostril reduction." Procedure: She received 1syringe of Restylane to her nose tip and brid...

Case 218

Background: This young lady was fairly happy with her nose, but felt it was a little round and a little undefined. She was interested in definite changes, but nothing too drastic. She searched online for a facial plastic surgeon specializing in non-surgical Rhinoplasty in San Francisco, found Dr. Mabrie's before and afters, and made a consultation. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: This young woman was ve...

Case 210

Background: This patient actually consulted with Dr. Mabrie about treatments under her eyes.  Dr. Mabrie noticed the nose was fairly misshapen and inquired about it.  She told him she had had a Rhinoplasty many years ago and was disappointed with the shape but really afraid of having another surgery performed. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: Unfortunately her nose had some of the classic signs...

Case 208

Background: This young San Francisco woman was interested in Rhinoplasty surgery.  She chose Dr. Mabrie because of his experience with preserving ethnic characteristics and maintaining natural results.  She wanted a softer nose, like her mother's, with better symmetry, a smaller tip, and a straighter profile.  Lastly, when she smiled and said certain words, like, "no", her nasal tip...

Case 201

Background: This woman had long considered Rhinoplasty surgery. Her nasal tip was full and similar in size and shape to the nose of her father. While she liked his nose on him, she wanted something softer and more feminine. After searching several plastic surgery websites of doctors in San Francisco, she found Dr. Mabrie and scheduled a consultation. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "This African America...

Case 195

Background: This young woman had a previous Rhinoplasty years ago that had given good results. Years later she started to see a change in those results. She came in to see Dr. Mabrie for a consult with specific goals in mind. 1. Narrow the nasal bridge. 2. Make the tip less round. 3. Smooth the contour of her nose. 4. Improve her profile. Dr. Mabrie’s Assessment: "After her initial Rh...

Case 169

Background: This 24 year old African American woman consulted with Dr. Mabrie about Rhinoplasty in San Francisco to improve the appearance of her nose. She explained that she would like the bridge thinner and tip more detained to match her face. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "The nose actually has a nice size and shape to start. There is a small bump on profile and the tip could use some definition. T...

Case 120

Background: This 21 year old Tourism student is of Spanish and Italian ethnic background. She had a history of trauma a few years ago during a water polo incident.  Her concerns were to: 1. Primarily reduce the bump in her nasal dorsum, 2. Resolve her difficulty in breathing, 3. To smooth the lines in her nose, and 4. To maintain the look and character of her nose. Dr Mabrie&...

Case 94

Background: This Filipina woman in her 20’s consulted with Dr. Mabrie in his San Francisco office, interested in a Rhinoplasty. She had been asked to do some modeling and noticed that on certain angles her nose was less defined than she would like. Her husband, who felt she was beautiful as was, supported her wish to obtain a consultation but urged her not to get “that o...

Case 67

Background:  This Bay Area woman was very active in outdoor activities and did a lot to keep herself in good physical condition.  She liked her all the characteristics of her nose except that when she smiled, in photos, the nostrils appeared somewhat wider than she liked.  She consulted with Dr. Mabrie about surgical options and cosmetic rhinoplasty in San Francisco.Dr. Mabrie's Ass...

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What Techniques Are Used for a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Depending on the surgical goals, either an open or closed rhinoplasty may be recommended for your revision surgery. Frequently, an open approach is used to allow better access to the nasal structure by making a small incision under the nose. In doing this, Dr. Mabrie is able to analyze the elements that have caused the unwanted results of the initial nose job in San Francisco. In other cases, a closed approach may be used by placing a small cartilage graft to remove a concavity or depression. The following are techniques used to resolve particular areas of concern:

  • Removing scar tissue from a previous surgery which has reduced definition or caused asymmetry
  • Using a patient's cartilage from the nasal septum or ear to augment an area that was over-reduced
  • Using materials such as Gortex or Medpor to augment the dorsum or hump
  • Injecting permanent or semi-permanent dermal fillers to achieve a non-surgical rhinoplasty

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Non-Surgical Revision Rhinoplasty

Facial fillers are a good alternative for patients seeking revision rhinoplasty. Surgical rhinoplasty may result in a weakened nasal structure making the nose more susceptible to injury when subjected to additional surgeries. Small deformities or irregularities in an otherwise ideal rhinoplasty outcome may be challenging to correct with surgery. Non-surgical dermafillers are better at contouring than surgery, as they provide the ability to treat deformities without disrupting adjacent areas.

What are the Typical Goals of a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision nose surgery in San Francisco helps to improve the cosmetic outcome of a prior surgery. Specific improvements may include:

  • Improving symmetry: A first time rhinoplasty can render results that aren't even, most commonly between the two sides of the nose. Occasionally, an imbalance between the proportions of the upper, middle and lower parts of the nose may exist.
  • Rebuilding an area that was over-reduced: If the surgeon performing the rhinoplasty removed too much of an area, leaving the patient with less tissue than desired, techniques to rebuild the area can be used to reform the look.
  • Refining results that were incomplete: Should the patient feel they didn't achieve their desired results the first time around, Dr. Mabrie will review their goals with them and comparing to their surgical results.

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