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The Attractive Face: The Science of Beauty, Understood at Last

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The Attractive Face

You probably use makeup every day to enhance certain features and de-emphasize others. While makeup can create the illusion of more beautiful facial contours, Dr. Mabrie can actually sculpt those contours. He approaches the face as a whole composition, not separate parts. He considers the interplay of all of the features when developing your treatment plan.

Using contemporary aesthetic techniques – some surgical, many non-surgical – Dr. Mabrie makes small, targeted changes that produce amazing results. Unlike makeup, which covers and conceals, Dr. Mabrie makes lasting improvements that allow your real beauty to shine through.

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It's a fact: good-looking people get special treatment –
at work, in school, and in social situations.

More research on the
principles of attractiveness

Humans see health and vitality as beautiful; anything that makes us look younger increases our attractiveness.

More about youthfulness
and the attractive face

The Science of Beauty, Understood at Last

You may be surprised to learn that subtle nuances – not dramatic differences – are what distinguish the ordinary face from the attractive face. Alone, these tiny details are almost imperceptible, but collectively, they make the difference between good-looking and average. Research indicates that the attractive face is characterized by:


Similarity between the left and right halves of the face


A strong chin, high cheek bones and a smooth nasal contour


Full cheeks, lack of shadows and wrinkles


Nothing about the face is particularly exotic or "extreme"

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