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A Strong, Contoured Nose

The nose is one of the key features of an attractive face, but shouldn't draw attention to itself. Because it divides the face in half, it is critical to symmetry, which is an essential component of attractiveness. A strong, straight bridge and a tip that isn't too narrow or upturned are all characteristics of an attractive male nose. Dr. Mabrie's reputation for creating excellent results using fillers for non-surgical rhinoplasty is the reason men travel to his San Francisco practice.

The Nose
& The Attractive Face

The Male Nose

A rhinoplasty specialist such as Dr. Mabrie knows subtle changes can make a significant difference in a nose's appearance. For example, a pinched nose tip adds a feminine quality to the nose, so Dr. Mabrie is careful to create a strong, defined tip that isn't too thin. Dr. Mabrie recommends non-surgical rhinoplasty for many men because the combination of fillers used encourages the creation of a strong, symmetric nose.

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