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the attractive face, the science of beauty, understood at last

The Research

Have you ever noticed that some people, while not classically "beautiful," are extremely attractive? Maybe you have seen the pretty woman at the party surrounded by admirers while the most "beautiful" woman in the room stands alone. This phenomenon has spurred researchers worldwide to explore the concepts of beauty and attractiveness. Dr. David Mabrie follows this research closely, and uses it to guide his work.

The Global Approach

Taking a global approach, Dr. Mabrie utilizes very specific refinements to enhance the attractiveness of your face, often without facial plastic surgery. Visit him in San Francisco and find out which small changes will make the biggest difference for you. Request a consultation online or call us at (415) 689-6634 today.

The Benefits of Being Attractive

Research shows what most of us already know intuitively: attractive people get special treatment. Studies show that some of the perks of being attractive include:

  • Popularity
  • Higher earnings
  • Special attention from teachers, employers, and the law

So are these benefits reserved only for the beautiful? Not necessarily. Research indicates one does not have to be strikingly beautiful to reap the rewards of attractiveness. In fact, it appears to be more about balance, symmetry and familiarity, as well as enhancing your attributes.

The Rules of Attraction

The volumes of research on the principles of attractiveness have concluded that certain ratios and formulas can be applied to gauge attractiveness. For example:

  • The chin should project about 2 or 3 millimeters less than the tip of the nose
  • The top lip should be approximately half the height of the bottom lip
  • Softly arched brows are attractive, but too–high brows are not
  • Larger eyes are more attractive (particularly in women)
  • Familiar features are more attractive than striking or unusual ones
  • Symmetry is universally attractive
  • Youthfulness is closely associated with attractiveness

Of course, these are not really rules, but they can be used as general guidelines in determining the right approach to enhancing your beauty.

We Can Help You Look Good, but the Beauty is All Yours

According to Dr. Robert Tornambe, a plastic surgeon and author, every woman has a "beauty quotient," which is determined by physical health, psychological health, and personal appearance. That means your beauty is a combination of your physical features, your personality, and how you care for and present yourself through grooming, style, and posture.

Dr. Mabrie's role is to help you bring balance and harmony to your physical features, enhance your greatest assets, and minimize flaws. This may mean refining the contours of your cheeks, nose, smoothing wrinkles or indentations around your eyes, creating a more prominent chin, or any number of small improvements that can make a big difference in how you look and feel. His understanding of the principles of the attractive face enables him to suggest the best approach to enhancing your looks.

By taking care of yourself and making the most of your physical features, you are increasing every factor of your beauty quotient. You will radiate physical health and an improved personal appearance, and your psychological health will show in the confidence you project.

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