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youtube title card "from baby face to bombshell"

From Baby Face to Bombshell: How to Look More Mature With Fillers and BOTOX®

Did you know that looking younger than your age isn't always a good thing? You're probably surprised by that sentiment coming from someone that spends the majority of her day using facial fillers and BOTOX to help Bay Area women and men rejuvenate their appearance. Read on to learn why. Looking significantly younger than your …

The thick and thin of fillers

The Thick & Thin of Dermal Fillers: The Best Fillers for Lips, Cheeks, Jawline & More

"What is the best dermal filler for lip injections? Which cheek filler should I get? How do I choose the right filler for fine lines? Chin augmentation? Nonsurgical nose job? etc..." These are questions we hear every day from our dermal filler patients in San Francisco, and we honestly love answering them. There's certainly a …

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