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Facelift Surgery Questions

Who is a candidate for a face lift?

If you have loose neck skin, a loss of jaw line contour, or droopy cheeks, a face lift may be indicated for you.

Most of the men and women in San Francisco who are candidates for a face lift are between the ages of forty and seventy. Of course there are exceptions and more consideration is given to the patient’s actual appearance that to their chronological age.

Some people today choose to have a face lift at a relatively young age as a form of preventive maintenance. Having the operation prior to pronounced signs of aging translates to more subtle results but allows one to maintain a youthful appearance with “tuck-up” procedures over the years.

Patients with less pronounced signs of aging are often candidates for a Limited or Liquid Lift.

All face lift patients must be in good health, physically and emotionally.

Are there any age restrictions for a facelift?

Not at all, facelift surgery is safe to perform at any age.

Is there anything that a facelift cannot fix?

Facelift surgery primarily targets the lower two-thirds of the face, including the cheeks, neck and jowls. Wrinkles and sagging in the upper area of the face, including the brows and forehead, can be resolved with Browlift Surgery in San Francisco, or BOTOX® Cosmetic. Facelift surgery also does not address wrinkles in the nasolabial folds, the crease between the nose and mouth. This area is best treated using non-surgical dermal fillers such as Restylane®, RADIESSE® or JUVÉDERM®.

Will people be able to tell that I had a Facelift?

Facelift surgery does not change your face – it simply lifts the skin to be more firm and tight, and removes excess skin, leaving your face looking younger, fresher and well-rested.

How long will the Facelift last?

The improvements from facelift surgery last between seven and ten years. It does not prevent ongoing aging, but the person who has a face lift never looks as old as he or she would have if he or she had not had the operation. If the sagging appears again, an individual may have a tuck-up procedure, which can provide dramatic and long-lasting improvement. The dermal fillers used for the Liquid Lift typically last about one year. Follow up treatments will keep your results looking optimal at all times.

What if I don’t want my face to be pulled too tight or look like I’m in a wind tunnel?

As with all cosmetic procedures, there have been considerable advancements in technique and goals. The contemporary surgeon is careful to avoid a drawn-back, operated look. The skin is not pulled tightly; instead it is repositioned so it does not hang off the face. Although the effects of the surgery are often dramatic, the goal is to achieve an elegant and natural appearance, helping patients look their best, not different.

Will it hurt?

Pain is minimal and relieved with oral medications for a day or two after the procedure. Bruising and swelling subsides in 7 to 14 days.

Will the Facelift surgery leave a scar?

The incisions for surgery are made behind the ear and along the natural curves of the body.As they heal they will leave a small scar that is very well concealed.

What is the recovery like?

The Liquid Facelift requires no downtime at all, and your results are instantaneous. The Limited Lift will require 7 to 10 days before being “restaurant ready”, and the Traditional Facelift will require 10 to 14 days.

When can I resume exercise after surgery?

You may begin going for walks after 5 days, and resume more vigorous activities after 10 days.