Nostril Reduction

  1. Bridge/Dorsum – Shaped by nasal bones
  2. Nasal Sidewalls – Upper lateral cartilages
  3. Nasal Tip – Shaped by mobile catrilages
  4. Nostril Reduction

Nostril reduction is a common request from individuals who feel that their nostrils are too wide.While it is a relatively easy procedure, nostril reduction requires a careful examination of the nose, and a conservative surgical approach.This page shows before-and-after examples of rhinoplasty patients who were concerned about the size and shape of their nostrils and wanted to improve their appearance.

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Correct Procedure

The majority of patients interested in nostril reduction are either concerned that their nose is too broad when smiling, or that the general width of the nose does not compliment their overall facial features.Before performing nostril reduction, it is essential to examine the nasal bridge and tip.If either of these areas is lacking in definition, the nostrils may appear disproportionately wide.

In such cases, a non-surgical alternative may prove to be a better solution than an invasive surgery.Our San Francisco rhinoplasty patients who receive the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure are frequently surprised by the vast improvement that can be achieved by augmenting the bridge and defining the nasal tip.

Be Conservative

The nostril flare is an important characteristic of the face.Removing too much flare by excessively narrowing the nostrils can result in an unbalanced and unnatural appearance, thus defeating the purpose of the cosmetic procedure.

How Nostril Reduction is Performed

Dr. Mabrie performs nostril reduction as an in-office procedure with a local anesthetic. For our San Francisco and Oakland rhinoplasty patients, the surgery takes approximately 30 minutes, and patients will leave with small stitches concealed in the creases of their nostrils. The stitches are removed 5 to 7 days later.Patients can expect to be “restaurant ready” in 7 to 10 days.

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