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Dermal Fillers for an Injectable Face Lift in San Francisco

Dr. David Mabrie, a facial plastic surgeon in San Francisco, is finding that patients are choosing JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel over similar hyaluronic acid based "dermal fillers," a shift he believes is due to product advantages and better patient education.

San Francisco, California (September 2008) - Plastic surgery patients in San Francisco have a wide variety of options when it comes to nonsurgical facial enhancements. But lately, at least one local surgeon says he has noticed more patients choosing JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel over other options for the increasingly popular "injectable" face lift.

Dr. David Mabrie, a San Francisco facial plastic surgeon who is board-certified by both the American Board of Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery) and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, provides a full range of dermal fillers from his Bay Area practice (, and he attributes the rise partly to the advantages of the product itself.

"JUVÉDERM and Restylane® both use a hyaluronic acid base," Dr. Mabrie explains. "This substance naturally occurs in the skin, providing reinforcement and helping to give the skin a 'plump' appearance. However, at the molecular level JUVÉDERM differs enough that while Restylane has an almost granular texture, JUVÉDERM has a much smoother consistency that many of my patients prefer."

An easier application can result in less bruising for patients who are looking into nonsurgical methods to fill out sensitive areas like the lips and eyelid area. For some people considering face lift surgery in San Francisco, the lower cost alone is the deciding factor. However, Dr. Mabrie says that the product's pricing might not make much of a difference if plastic surgeons were not also seeing a rise in the numbers of patients who are better educated about their options.

"San Francisco plastic surgery patients tend to be better informed about their options than most. In just the past few years I have found that many more of my patients are coming in already prepared with an understanding of the basics of wrinkle correction or lip augmentation, and a much better understanding of the differences between procedure options."

JUVÉDERM is an increasingly popular option for lip enhancement because its texture and natural base may minimize the risk of the complications that many patients experience with other fillers. "Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance, so many of my patients see it as a safer option," Dr. Mabrie notes.

Some other naturally based options tend to form uncomfortable nodules, or lumps under the skin, because their rougher texture prevents them from integrating smoothly with the highly sensitive and mobile lip tissues. Others tend to be too short-lived to satisfy most patients - natural collagen, in particular, may lose its effects in as little as three months.

While some patients may not encounter the same kind of problems with some of the less intensive corrections involved in the San Francisco "liquid" face lift, many surgeons find that lip augmentations demand products with a particularly high level of quality and flexibility, because of these extra challenges.

"JUVÉDERM's smoother consistency results in fewer nodules and generally more comfortable results for lip augmentation patients," Dr. Mabrie says. "As a result, many women feel that this product is better engineered to work with their body. JUVÉDERM can last for up to a year, so for patients thinking in the long term, duration of results is an important factor."

Dr. Mabrie offers a wide variety of San Francisco plastic surgery options for facial enhancement, including face lift and injectable treatments as well as surgical correction for the ears and nose. Request a consultation with Dr. Mabrie to discover which options best fit your needs and goals.

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