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Dr. Mabrie's unique approach to The Attractive Face has produced many happy patients. They are excited to have found a facial plastic surgeon in San Francisco who does more than simply fill lines or perform isolated procedures. Dr. Mabrie looks at the whole face, then develops a treatment plan that allows his patients' inner beauty to shine through.

Reading reviews from Dr. Mabrie's patients can be very helpful for those searching for a San Francisco facial plastic surgeon. These unbiased, first-person accounts can give you a glimpse into what it's really like to work with and be treated by Dr. Mabrie. You can find out more about a procedure you're interested in, or learn how patients rate Dr. Mabrie's bedside manner.

To see what real patients are saying about Dr. Mabrie, below you can read reviews from several popular online ratings sites. Then request a consultation online or call us at (415) 689-6634 to find out for yourself what sets Dr. Mabrie apart.


Cosmetic Enhancements That Work! - San Francisco, CA
Posted by Lafayette8086
After years of working and research work I felt my face looked tired and my skin tone was uneven. After receiving Dr. M's services I have never looked back and will continue to enhance my look with cosmetic services.

I did not experience any pain or downtime. My overall procedure was pretty basic and simple. Juvederm injections are simple. I decided to have the procedure to freshenp my look. I thought about some type of face enhancement procedure for about a year.

Would i use Juvederm again. Yes!

My Jawline is Fabulous Now! - San Francisco, CA
Posted by Shannyn San
My weak jawline was causing me to look older and was also causing a "turkey-gobbler" appearance under my chin and on my neck. In photos I was starting to get a double chin because this, even though I weigh only 122lbs (so not from weight, but purely from a weak bone structure). I have so much more confidence now and look great in photos again!


GREAT Experience, Loved It - San Francisco, CA
Posted by cgirl
I was hesitant at first, but Dr. M was SO thorough and patient in answering all my questions and concerns. I had a non-surgical rhinoplasty done and Dr. M was very careful in each step of the process to make sure everything was done exactly how I wanted it. Turned out great! Excellent Doctor and staff!! Highly recommended!


Great Bedside Manner, Sets Realistic Expectations - San Francisco, CA
Posted by missm88
I have shopped sought opinions from a handful of surgeons, seeking their professional opinions on various procedures, from rhinoplasty to botox. I ended up choosing Dr. M for restylane filler. He takes the time to really explain the pros and cons, and he sets realistic expectations. I am completely satisfied with my results and have already booked my next appointment with him. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family.


Wonderful Doctor - Amazing Results - San Francisco, CA
Posted by M.Rose
Dr. M is a great doctor. He makes you look amazing while at the same time looking like you got absolutely nothing done at all. No one will notice that you got work done, they will however notice how fantastic you look.

Wonderful Doctor - Amazing Results - San Francisco, CA
Posted by M.Rose
Dr. M is a great doctor. He makes you look amazing while at the same time looking like you got absolutely nothing done at all. No one will notice that you got work done, they will however notice how fantastic you look.

Chin Implant

Happy with my Chin Implant - San Francisco, CA
Posted by Oakland1648
He's not pushy, makes you feel comfortable and explains all the options and listens to your concerns, and is willing to take the time so that you're satisfied with your results.

Chin Surgery

Excellent! - San Francisco, CA
Posted by Cali4292
Dr. M made me feel very comfortable. He was happy to give me all the information I needed and I really felt like I could trust him and his recommendations for my procedure. He helped me have realistic expectations about results and recovery. The computer images were especially helpful for deciding which procedures to get. I am very happy with my result, it looks great and very natural.


A True Artist - San Francisco, CA
Posted by JudySF
To put it simply, Dr. M is an artist. He has the artist's eye and the deft skill to bring out the best in your features. He makes me look fresh and natural (and years younger) as if I returned from the best spa vacation.

Non Surgical Nose Job

My New Nose Without the Surgery - San Francisco, CA
Posted by luxe
I did my research prior to considering the actual rhinoplasty and I'm glad I did. Non-surgical rhino is so much more worth the down time. Dr. M will talk you through the process, and you can see the results that second. If a touch up is needed, you can fill until you are perfectly content with the shape and size. Great doctor and staff! Highly recommend!

All Injections Are Not Equal - San Francisco, CA
Posted by Happy Momma
I was very nervous about my procedures because other members of my family have had bad injections that have really disturbed their faces. Also, I know that the injections cost more with a plastic surgeon than a dermatologist, which I wasn't sure how to justify at first. I have to tell you, the artistry with which I got my fillers put in is not available with any derm that I know of. This man is an artist of the face and knows it inside and out, and that makes a huge difference. I look so rested it's like I never had children or 8 years of disturbed sleep from them! I love this. Also, he evened out my face, this never would have occurred to me, but man I look prettier!


Dr. M is Awesome! - San Francisco, CA
Posted by San Francisco4981
I've been a patient of Dr. M's since Sept. 2010. I'm 28 years old, and already starting to see the signs of aging. I came in for a consultation to find out what he can do to treat the wrinkles that have formed above my eyebrows. He listened to my concerns, and told me about Botox, and omg - it's done wonders! I love it :D I love it so much that I brought my mom in to have the same treatment. We are both so pleased with our treatments. Thank you, Dr. M!!


Posted by Macky B.
Dr. Mabrie is very warm, a good listener and talented at what he does. And I was having extreme anxiety about having all this "work" done at once? Dr. Mabrie was very good though. He asked if I needed a break, asked how I was doing a lot as he worked, and frequently told me how good I was doing.

His staff - Nicole, Christa and Yvette - were extraordinarily professional, nice and very patient with me, as I called both offices every day for a few weeks to check for a cancelled appointment I could take. (Thanks ladies! Awesome job!)


Posted by Salina H.
San Franciso's Best Doctor!. I have had nothing but positive experiences with each visit to Dr. Mabrie. He is caring, patient and professional. He spends quality time explaining each proceedure — and makes sure you feel confident in the decisions you make. He is meticulous and a perfectionist — which is exactly the type of doctor you want to have. I have recommended him to all of my friends. His staff are professional too. I have tried many other doctors and he is hands down the best!


Posted by Styling JR
Excellent results from someone who knows. I have visited with plastic surgeons over the years to enhace my looks as I move though life, so I am someone who knows what's good when it comes to a great plastic surgeon. Dr. Mabrie skillfully augmented my chin with filler, making it strong and masculine at a fraction of the cost of a chin implant and surgery. As a matter of fact, i already had a chin impland from another provider and Dr. Mabrie made it even better beyond my expectations. He studies your face, has a keen eye and makes suggestions that make sence. The Botox treatment I have is perfect the first time because he's a M.D. who knows your facial muscles. I have seen him on a few occasions and it's always a great experience.

Plastic surgery is supposed to make you feel better about yourself, and sometimes it takes a follow-up office visits to get it just right -- which this office understands, as they suggested a follow up. No need -- I FEEL GREAT! Thanks Dr, Mabrie.


Posted by mixedasian
from the Doctor down to the satff... PERFECT!. everything about Dr. David Mabrie's practice, experience, clinic and staff are PERFECT! i'm an asian guy in my mid 20's and always thinking if i should get a nose job but i'm scared to go under the knife because it will look too obvious. When i did my research about alternative things on how to have a rhinoplasty i came across Dr. Mabrie's website and then i learned injection rhinoplasty was perfect for me. Dr. Mabrie will listen to all your questions and will answer them honestly and will also tell his honest opinion if it's possible or not. Trust me i'm the kind of a person who is so picky and will seriously research and find out who and what kind of a person wil touch my face... I am so happy and greatfull that I found Dr. Mabrie if he's not the best i'm positive he's one of the best!

Posted by Jennifer K.
I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Mabrie! I've gotten Botox several times from other places with not so impressive results. I went to Dr. Mabrie and all I can say is WOW! Each time I have gone, the results were simply amazing. He certainly knows what he is doing and he really strives to make you look your best. I will continue going to him and will never go to anyone else again! He is THE BEST!

Posted by Shan R.
He's the best! That really is all there is to say.

Dealing with his office is a pleasure (Christa is awesome) and they are always accommodating about trying to work within your schedule. They also have a "wait list" so that if someone else cancels they'll give you a call to see if you'd like to come in on an earlier date (if you've requested that).

Dr. Mabrie has boosted my self confidence ten-fold and I now see him regularly for fillers. He has easily taken 5+ years off of my appearance and is even able to help reduce the appearance of a scar I have under my eye from a surger I had as an infant.

I simple cannot recommend him highly enough.

Posted by Liz D.
Dr. Mabrie is the best needle-wielder in the SF Bay Area. I've had injectibles by three other bay area doctors, and was happy with my regular dermatologist until I saw a friend who looked mysteriously...extra-beautiful. I couldn't put my finger on it and just said, "Wow you look great!" and that's when she told me that she'd had restalyne in her lips by Dr. Mabrie. This is a woman I've known for about ten years and I could see that he hadn't changed her lips at all, he just rewound the clock to make her lips look like she did when she was younger: fresher, plumper, delectable!

His results are extremely natural. No one has ever guessed that I've had fillers anywhere, and I'm only writing because I'm so surprised at the few negative reviews. Frankly I *like* the casual, conversational style of Dr. Mabrie; it makes me feel more comfortable just chatting about concerns, what I's less of a "I am the doctor and you obey me!" vibe that you get from some docs. Also he is always on time for appointments, which is such a nice way to show respect for his patients and their time.

And, can I get back to the most important fact about Dr. Mabrie--he is an excellent doctor, his results are natural and beautiful, and he will make you look your very best. I am so happy with the work he's done on me and recommend him enthusiastically!

Posted by Shelley C.
Hands down the best Cosmetic Surgeon we've come across! At BellaPelle Skin Studio we take skin seriously and are always looking for the latest and greatest. Dr. Mabrie is the only doctor I would trust for my face and in fact, I have him listed on my phone as an emergency contact.

We've seen a lot of clients through the years with good and bad results from injectables and surgeries and I have to say that Dr. Mabrie's work is beautiful and flawless. I've also been around him enough to know that he puts a lot of thought into his patients. He actually takes the time (sometimes days) to decide and sketch out what he wants to create for the patient and will not compromise the safety or results due to the patients rushing or insistence. After all his website states: Your Face is in Our Hands, and in fact it is so, you can rest assured you've chosen the best.

Posted by Anita L.
I have to give Dr. Mabrie and his team five stars, which is why I'm a patient and huge fan.

Growing up, I began to feel some insecurities about my appearance when I was 12 years old. Hitting puberty, my nose filled out a bit larger than I would have preferred at the time... I wanted the cute button noses that some of my friends had.

By the time I reached womanhood, I had become much more comfortable with my unique beauty, however I still was a bit self-conscious about my profile. As a woman of color, I had been reluctant for years to pursue any type of cosmetic procedures for fear of scarring, skin discoloration or anything else of the kind.

Dr. Mabrie listened well and understood my objectives for the surgery. He was very honest with me about the risks, set reasonable expectations for the results and also helped me understand how important it is to have a nose that is balanced with other facial features when performing ethnic procedures. Finally, recognizing I am a perfectionist he assured me he would remain committed to 'our nose' if I did not like the initial result, until I was happy.

My procedure was not very invasive, I still look like myself and I now have the well-balanced feminine facial profile I've always wanted! There was a tiny issue with scarring after surgery, which can be typical with thicker ethnic skin, but Dr. Mabrie has handled that too and now it's barely visible! It's been 9 months since my surgery and the frontal view has an improved appearance as well. I'm very happy with my results overall and based on this experience, am extremely confident in Dr. Mabrie's commitment to excellence toward his patients for any service.

Posted by Natalie P.
Dr. David Mabrie is an exceptional surgeon with an aesthetic eye. I've been going to Dr. Mabrie for years and I have been extremely pleased with the results each time.

I'm very particular when it comes to the aesthetics of my face especially and Dr.Mabrie is always to provide results I am happy with.

I have recommended him to all my friends and family.

Posted by The City S.
This is my second review for Dr. Mabrie after nearly two years of trusting him with my face and he has yet to ever dissapoint. He is kind, understanding and incredibly skilled at what he does.

He seems to have some of the most extensive knowledge of how to get real results without having to go under. Since going to him, I feel more and more confident without make-up than I have ever before.

Posted by Claudia K.
I went to Dr. Mabrie, because I had some ugly moles on my neck and in my face that I wanted to have removed. I am a pretty anxious person when it comes to surgical procedures and finding good doctors. A friend recommended him and that's why I made an appointment.

Dr. Mabrie was very professional during my appointment, explained every step of this procedure and patiently answered all my questions. I felt safe and can highly recommend him.

Posted by I am a s.
I've been seeing Dr. Mabrie for over a year now and the results are nothing short of amazing. Friends that I've known for years didn't realize I'd had work done until I told them. One friend who always swore she could spot "work" a mile away scrutinized my face and couldn't tell what I'd had done, just kept telling me how much younger I looked than her (we're the same age) and promptly asked for Dr. Mabrie's number. Dr. Mabrie is a genius. His work is subtle, never obvious. He's really an artist. He listens, makes suggestions and gets you the results you're looking for.

In short, good genes and skin care can only take you so far after a certain age. Dr. Mabrie will help you to get the rest of the way to the best possible face for you. He may not be the cheapest but the best rarely is. And do you really want to bargain shop where your looks are concerned? I'm routinely taken for fifteen years younger than my age and I have Dr. Mabrie to thank for that. Don't trust your face to anyone but the best...Dr. Mabrie!

Posted by Miranda R.
I absolutely LOVE Dr. Mabrie's office. I have been going to see Dr. Mabrie for several years now and could not be happier. Dr. Mabrie and his office staff are always friendly and attentive. I am never kept waiting for my appointments. I have even inquired about additional services and Dr. Mabrie has always been honest and never tried to up sell me. I would highly recommend him!

Posted by Rose K.
I've been to a lot of cosmetic physicians & over the years have had a lot of filler, botox etc; much of the time I left those various offices feeling (& looking) like a science experiment. I will also say, generally speaking, most of the individuals who practice cosmetic medicine tend to be just plain odd human beings. Being treated by Dr. Mabrie has been a completely different experience for me. First off, not only does he have an architects eye for symmetry, he is also the best I've experienced in understanding the product, his technique & his administration of product. He is a serious Pro. & I've come out of his office every time (I've traveled down from Oregon 3 times & have another appointment scheduled) looking great & feeling no buyers remorse. Also, Dr. Mabrie is a regular, nice, normal guy. He doesn't have an ounce of that weirdo, eccentric vibe of 95% of his colleagues. He also just happens to be a really good looking guy! Definitely make an appointment! You won't be sorry

Posted by Sue M.
I've been to other doctors for fillers and they always end up asking me where I want the filler placed in my face. Dr. Maybrie is great because I tell him the problem areas and he gives suggestions that will help improve the areas I don't like. Also, I love that he uses a cannula because when I had Restylane placed beneath my eyes, there was absolutely no bruising (I always had bruising with other docs).

Posted by Jacquelyn M.
My experience with Dr. Mabrie and his staff was pleasant and professional. Dr. Mabrie has a great since of humor too. I ma satisfied with my treatment. The process was explained and outcomes and expectations were addressed. It did take a little longer for me to heal but it was within expectations.

Posted by Allison B.
I give my experience with this office a 5! They were all very nice, professional, and helpful. Dr. Mabrie was amazing and so patient. He really knows his stuff and made me feel so comfortable during the injections. The results are very subtle and beautiful!

Posted by Tammy P.
Dr. Mabrie was very nice and honest about results. I felt very comfortable with him and although this was my first time, I felt that I had been going to him for years.

Posted by Robyn N.
5 Stars! I do not numb well under local anesthesia and most doctors ignore me when I voice my concerns. Dr. Mabrie listened to me so I didn't have any pain. I liked the office ambiance and how attentive Dr. Mabrie is. I don't look so tired anymore and I love the work I had done. Wished I would have done it sooner!

Posted by Shanin R.
I cannot say enough good things about my expierence with Dr. Mabrie. The office personnel is very professional and knowledgable. Dr. Mabrie took his time perfecting my results and I couldn't be happier with how it looks.

Posted by Beverly L.
Dr. Mabrie is the only physician I will ever trust to provide dermal filler treatment. The outcome of his treatments always exceed my expectations. He is gifted in his chosen field. Going to any other provider of dermal fillers will never reach the level of excellence as that of Dr. Mabrie. He has an aesthetic vision of how one's facial characteristics can be enhanced, followed by the skill to execute the correct placement and amount and type of filler needed to achieve the intended result. Having gone to several other dermatologists in the Bay Area over the years, I can say with complete confidence that if one seeks treatment with any other provider, the results will not be in the same league as those of Dr. Mabrie. If outcome, time, and cost are the important issues, then don't waste your time with anyone else. Dr. Mabrie is the best there is in his field, and also cares about pleasing his patients. It doesn't get better than that.

Posted by Mary A.
In the 4 years I have been seeing Dr Mabrie I have always been pleased with my results. In my very first consultation with Dr Mabrie my question was to him "I like to look natural...What would you suggest?" Dr Mabrie really took some time, studied my face and explained each change and WHY ... I said "DO IT" and each time in the last 4 years (perhaps 10+ times) we have had this same conversation and I have not been disappointed. I do not look overdone and my own clients and friends have said I easily look 5-7 years younger than my age. The comment is "you look really rested." Trust me, as a woman who owns 3 companies my life is about everything BUT rest. Thank you Dr Mabrie.

Posted by Judith S.
Dr. Mabrie combines state of the art clinical skillls with artistry with an ability to make the patient feel comfortable during all stages of treatment. He is an excellent communicator. His staff works hard to make apointments easy to schedule and makes sure that no questions go unanswered.

Posted by Monica R.
Dr Mabrie listens and pays close attention to your concerns. He provides his best recommendations without being pushy at all. He has a patient, calm manner which helps you relax during procedures. I've had great results and will definitely return.

Posted by Ryan W.
The staff have been nothing but kind to me and always manage to squeeze me in for a quick botox treatment, which is greatly appreciated since I tend to have a hectic and unpredictable schedule.

Posted by A Google User
Dr. Mabrie is just the best. I wouldn't trust my face to anyone else. I take really good care of my skin but noticed that I needed a little more help with a "significant" birthday on the horizon. I went to Dr. Mabrie on the recommendation of a friend and will never regret that decision. I explained what I was looking for and together we decided on a course of treatment (in my case, injectible fillers). Dr. Mabrie is really knowledgable and takes his time in explaining options and expected results. Short story, I look like me only a more relaxed, happier and younger version of me. Exactly what I wanted. And no one suspects I've had anything done. They just keep telling me how great I look. Isn't that what we all want to hear? Thanks Dr. Mabrie!

Posted by A Google User
Procedure: Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty * * * * * FIVE STARS * * * * * I recommend anyone to go to Dr. Mabrie for fillers and injections - especially for nonsurgical rhinoplasty. Appointment: I emailed Dr. Mabrie's staff and communicated with them to schedule my appointment. They do require a credit card to place a deposit for you appointment. These are all request that are very expected from a professional surgeon. Consultation: The consultation went smoothly. His staff is professional and courteous and his office building is decorated very nicely in the heart of Union City. Dr. Mabrie recommended his suggestions to me and gave me additional options, some may have mistaken this to an up-sell but you should truly trust his recommendation and approach the entire consultation knowing that Dr. Mabrie wants what is more appealing for you. The Consultation was not rushed or pressured. Dr. Mabrie has a keen eye for perfection. He is able to balance out all features on your face and tweak them to perfection. Although my goal was to focus on my nose - he was able to tie my cheek bones and any other slight imperfections together to provide a more thorough overall balance. Procedure: My injections were virtually painless and I had no bruising whatsoever! He was able to lift the bridge of my nose and reshape the tip to reflect more appealing contours. Pictures were taken before and after injection treatments. These are then reviewed together and any additional minute injections can be done. I am extremely satisfied with the work Dr. Mabrie has performed and will be returning to him indefinitely. Extra: Parking is a slight hassle being in the center of Union Square, but there is a large parking facility around the corner. Feel free to message me if you would like more details and questions about my procedure.

Posted by A Google User
Dr. Mabrie is a gem!! Schedule an appointment as soon as possible, you will feel like one in a million when you depart from his office. He achieved a highly esteemed formal education, and has earned advanced training at revered institutions. In addition to attaining an impressive education, Dr. Mabrie is an extremely genuine, down to earth person. He is uniquely talented in his skill, making each patient a better, younger looking version of themselves. While creating such considerable results, he proceeds with caution in order to give each patient the best natural appearance without looking too plastic. This discretion is testament of his expertise because he does not coast by simply applying a "one size fits all" method where, in fact, a patient can leave looking fake and overtly obvious that they have had "work" done. Nevertheless, he is so talented that he can practice creative freedom to really make you shine! Dr. Mabrie will make a thoughtful analysis of your face and apply the best technical approach to your features that are most complimentary to your facial structure, lifestyle, and personality. You will absolutely leave a new and improved version of yourself, yet still you, just a whole lot younger looking! He is a clinical sculptor, and what he conveys is pure knowledge, talent and artistry! He is a true reflection of his profession, he seriously looks a decade younger than his actual age. I was so confused when I first met him because I wondered how such a young guy could have his own successful private practice, then I learned his age; and I was even more confused! I am a firm believer that when somebody sells something, then the seller should also be an embodiment of what is being sold. Dr. Mabrie is a representation of youthfulness, and he definitely delivers that to his patients in the most natural way. I have such a high regard for him that I completely trust my face in his hands. I have been an ongoing patient for a year and a half and each office visit has been an absolute pleasure, plus, his office staff are all wonderful. I am so grateful to Dr. Mabrie for making me look as young as I feel.

Posted by A Google User
I love Dr. Mabrie!!!! He is friendly, smart, and does really good work. I have been to him a few times for cheek injections and I am thrilled with the results. I was so happy with what he did on my cheeks that I went back and got my lips done as well. I had had my lips done once before and hated it! The doctor made me look like a duck. I told Dr. Mabrie this and he assured me that he could make them look natural. They look so good! Nobody knows what I have done, but everyone has been telling me how great I look. Having been to other plastic surgeons just makes me see how wonderful Dr. Mabrie is. He actually listens, and he does what you want. I've had such negative experiences with other doctors, so he is really a breath of fresh air! Oh and I forgot to mention, I am really afraid of needles. I hate them! Dr. Mabrie is always so sweet about it that I calm down right away. I truly enjoy going to his office and what I look like when I come out. Go and see him!

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