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Nostril Reduction

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Case 94

Background: This Filipina woman in her 20’s consulted with Dr. Mabrie in his San Francisco office, interested in a Rhinoplasty. She had been asked to do some modeling and noticed that on certain angles her nose was ...

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Case 349

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This patient had a very clear, specific goal in mind. He wanted to have smaller nostrils, since he thought his were looking too flared all the time. He searched around for nostril reduction on San Francisco and ...

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Case 370

ABOUT OUR PATIENT Some people just aren't happy with the way their nose looks. This particular patient, a 28 year-old man from San Leandro, wasn't very happy with his. He wanted to make some slight changes to it, and he wasn't su ...

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Case 192

Background: This young California woman did not like the small hump to her nose but did not want to go through surgery to reduce it. She consulted with Dr. Mabrie at his East bay office, about Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty.   Dr ...

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Case 261

ABOUT OUR PATIENT I love this case! This woman in her 70s from the East Bay, had long considered getting surgery to narrow her nostrils. She and I had a great talk during a consultation in my San Francisco office regarding Surgic ...

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Case 224

ABOUT OUR PATIENT   This young Asian American patient wanted two modifications to her nose - to make it, “cuter and narrower”.  She was unsure whether she would need surgical or non-surgical rhinoplasty to ...

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Case 107

Background: This young San Francisco woman came to Dr Mabrie, interested in making minor adjustments to her nose. She was happy with her overall structure and size, but felt a few small changes were needed in order to make her nos ...

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