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Case 7

Background: This San Francisco woman in her early 40's was starting to notice a change in her face.  She was concerned about the heaviness of her eyes and some sagging skin along her jaw line. While many of her friends and co ...

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Case 56

Background: This African American woman from the Bay Area scheduled a consultation with Dr. Mabrie because she felt that her neck and jaw line looked loose and lacked definition. This type of sagging commonly occurs as we age and ...

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Case 231

About Our Patient  This patient is a California Bay Area man in his 50's. He was experiencing an issue with moderately loose skin under his eyes and around his neck. In short, this patient was starting to see the physical ef ...

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Case 159

Background: This Marin County woman, in her 60's, was tired of seeing the effects of aging on her face. She consulted with Dr. Mabrie, at his San Francisco office, about a facelift. They decided that a Facelift, along with a Chin ...

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Case 46

Woman shown before and after short-incision facelift. In a young patient with minimal skin looseness, a short incision facelift is an excellent option. The incision is 'pony-tail' friendly, with no incision behind the ear. ...

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Case 71

Background: An avid dancer, this Bay Area Woman in her sixties wanted to maintain an appearance that was consistent with her very active lifestyle. Particularly, she wanted to improve her jaw line and re-drape her facial and neck ...

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Case 54

Background: This San Francisco woman, in her mid 40's, had moderate to severe signs of aging on the face, including sun damage and loose skin. She consulted with Dr. Mabrie about a face lift. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: This was an ...

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