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Case 382

Full case description to come!  (Temporary description below:) This stylist in San Francisco came to see Dr. Mabrie for an evaluation and treatment of his face.  He felt he didn't look as, "fresh" as he felt.  In p ...

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Case 296

ABOUT OUR PATIENT After considering under eye treatment for quite some time, this young man from California felt he looked tired and older than he felt, and wanted to get rid of his dark under eye circles. I was happy to consult ...

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Case 241

Background: This young woman consulted with Dr. Mabrie about her eyes, which were slowly looking older. She was noticing more wrinkles above and below the eyes and met with Dr. Mabrie to discuss upper lid and lower lid blepharo ...

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Case 78

Background: Woman in her 60's, visiting the San Francisco area interested in facial rejuvenation. She had undergone previous facelift surgery and consulted with Dr. Mabrie about the option of revision facelift surgery. Her primary ...

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Case 92

Background: This San Francisco woman came to Dr. Mabrie concerned with the puffiness and dark bags beneath her eyes. She had consulted with another doctor previously who had recommended a Lower Lid Blepharoplasty. B ...

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Case 371

ABOUT OUR PATIENT If you've read through most of the case studies in my before and after photogallery, then you know that so many of my patients come to my office wanting to look less tired. And, you also know that one of the maj ...

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Case 320

ABOUT OUR PATIENT Originally concerned about the shape of her nose, this young Californian woman in her 30's was seeking non-surgical alternatives for treatment. Having spent time researching what options were available to her, s ...

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Case 185

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This woman from San Francisco had become more physically active in her daily life. As she achieved a higher level of fitness, she began to notice more prominent bags under her eyes. As you know, that's one of th ...

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Case 234

ABOUT OUR PATIENT After having a facelift over 20 years ago, this California woman in her 60's told herself she wasn't going to have surgery again. Her previous surgeon told her that she didn't have enough bone on the left side o ...

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Case 291

Background: This young woman works as a patient coordinator for San Francisco plastic surgeon, Dr. James Romano. After meeting several patients of Dr. Mabrie's, she became impressed with the results and scheduled a consultation to ...

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Case 326

Background: This 35 year old postal carrier from the Northern California area traveled to see Dr Mabrie in his San Francisco office to discuss Chin Augmentation surgery. She had long considered having the procedure, but ...

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Case 230

ABOUT OUR PATIENT Developing bags under your eyes is a common sign of aging that can be easily remedied with the use of facial Dermal Fillers. This particular patient of mine, from Northern California, approached me about the b ...

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Case 77

Background: This man was a retired seaman. He had heard there were non-surgical treatments for the aging face and wrinkles. His primary doctor referred him to Dr. Mabrie to find out about a possible 'thread-lift'.Dr. Mabrie's As ...

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Case 268

Background: This California man received Juvederm 2 years earlier and developed bagginess and a slight blue tint. He originally consulted with Dr. Mabrie in his San Francisco office about eyelid surgery. After examination, Dr. Mab ...

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Case 87

Background: This San Francisco woman had long been unhappy with the bags under her eyes. She felt they made her look tired and well past her actual age. She came to Dr. Mabrie for a consultation to modify the "bags!"   Dr. ...

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Case 289

Background: This woman from Phoenix had been noticing irregularities and shadows under her eyes, depending on the lighting. She thought she needed surgery to treat these irregularities as well as the bags under her eyes. During he ...

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Case 366

ABOUT OUR PATIENT Does this patient look familiar to some of you? Well, She ought to. She's my medical assistant, Nicole! You'll see helping me out around the office with surgeries and filler injections. (She's almost like magici ...

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Case 173

Background: This gentleman from the East Bay, came into Dr. Mabrie's office, with concerns about wrinkles around his eyes. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "As I evaluated the patient's eyes, what I noticed more than the wrinkles, were t ...

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