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Case 373

ABOUT OUR PATIENT When it comes to the lips, symmetry is important. When one of your lips looks bigger than the other, you'll definitely take notice because they're a noticeable part of your face. This young woman from Oakland h ...

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Case 236

ABOUT OUR PATIENT   This young professional woman had just moved to Northern California with her daughter when she found me online. She was worried that her face was looking too tired, thanks to shadows that were appearing ...

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Case 217

ABOUT OUR PATIENT "How can I get fuller lips?" As you can probably guess, I hear that question a lot. The answer is different each time, since each patient I help has a unique facial structure. This woman from the Bay Area, in ...

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Case 74

Background: Athletic young woman from Sacramento, now living in San Francisco wanting lip augmentation.  She had had her lips done several times before and was somewhat discouraged by the inconsistency of the results.  S ...

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Case 275

ABOUT OUR PATIENT Concerned about maintaining facial fullness and skin elasticity, this Bay Area woman was looking for non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. She noticed some early sagging and shadowing under her eyes, as ...

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Case 395

ABOUT THIS PATIENT Having full lips is a goal that most of my patient's have, and this 29 year old-swimsuit model was not exception. She'd been hearing comments about how her lips could look poutier. When she stopped by our San F ...

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Case 34

Background:  Active young professional woman from the East Bay.  She was curious about lip plumping and thought it would be fun to try.  She consulted with Dr. Mabrie in his Pinole office about options for lip augme ...

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Case 285

Background: This young woman was interested in augmenting her lips. She consulted with Dr. Mabrie at his Pinole location. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "We wanted to make these lips slightly fuller and bring the lower lip forward." P ...

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Case 235

ABOUT OUR PATIENT After having a facelift over 20 years ago, this California woman in her 60's, told herself she wasn't going to have surgery again. Upon browsing through the before and after photographs she saw on my website, ...

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Case 222

Background: This young woman consulted with Dr. Mabrie about shadows under her eyes.  She was interested in something non-surgical to help her not look so tired.   Dr. Mabrie's Assessment:  This young lady was ver ...

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Case 384

ABOUT THIS PATIENT It's unfortunate, but certain corrective surgeries that repair lifelong conditions may also leave unintended cosmetic side effects that can't be ignored. Fortunately, non-surgical dermal fillers are able to res ...

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Case 385

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This middle-aged woman from San Francisco had never been entirely happy with the size of her upper lip. She would go as far as to put rolled-up Kleenex along her gum line so it would stick out more in photos. Th ...

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Case 379

ABOUT OUR PATIENT When most people think of plastic surgery for the mouth area, images of big, fake, overstuffed lips come to mind. They're not aware that authentic non-surgical lip augmentation procedures can have delicate and r ...

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