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Case 31

Background: Patricia is a middle-aged woman working in the San Francisco/ Bay Area as a marketing representative. She was starting to notice in photos and in the mirror that her heavy upper eyelids were making her appear angry.&nb ...

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Case 7

Background: This San Francisco woman in her early 40's was starting to notice a change in her face.  She was concerned about the heaviness of her eyes and some sagging skin along her jaw line. While many of her friends and co ...

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Case 241

Background: This young woman consulted with Dr. Mabrie about her eyes, which were slowly looking older. She was noticing more wrinkles above and below the eyes and met with Dr. Mabrie to discuss upper lid and lower lid blepharo ...

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Case 52

Background: San Francisco real estate agent in her 60's interested in rejuvenation of her eyes. In particular the outside corners were obscured by the eyebrow skin. She consulted with Dr. Mabrie about surgical options for bro ...

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Case 23

Background:  Bay Area professional woman who had slowly noticed a heavy appearance of her upper eyelids.  She also had started to develop bags under her eyes.  Being very professionally and socially active, she cons ...

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Case 4

Background: This woman was brought in by her daughter because she was having increasing difficulty seeing. Her vision was good but her field of vision was being obstructed by loose skin hanging from her eyelids. Her primary care p ...

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Case 131

Background: This 70 year old woman from the San Francisco East Bay consulted with Dr Mabrie to address the wrinkles beneath her eyes, and around her cheeks and mouth. She was also frustrated with the droopiness of her eye ...

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Case 53

Background: This Bay Area woman came in with her daughter to consult Dr. Mabrie about the loose tissues around her eyes. Over time, she had noticed a lot of 'extra skin' above her eyelids, and was actually beginning to have d ...

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Case 72

Background: This San Francisco man had ptosis of his upper eyelids. He consulted with Dr. Mabrie, at his San Francisco office, about options to repair his ptosis. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: Ptosis is when either the lower or upper ...

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Case 127

Background: This 49 year old woman of Asian decent consulted with Dr Mabrie in his Pinole office in the San Francisco East Bay to discuss her options for Eye Rejuvenation. She was unhappy with the deep crease in her up ...

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Case 38

Background:  This San Francisco area woman working in the medical field noticed that her eyes were looking older.  The skin of the upper eyelid was starting to hang and her eyes always looked tired.  She consulted w ...

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Case 3

Background: This woman had started to notice heavy upper eyelids and she noticed her eyes were starting to make her look older, and like her mother.  She consulted with Dr. Mabrie for surgical options for upper eyelid surgery ...

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Case 59

Background: San Francisco professional man with an active lifestyle and younger wife.  Because he was still very active professionally and socially, it was important to him to maintain an alert and refreshed appearance.  ...

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Case 359

ABOUT OUT PATIENT If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyelids would be their curtains. A lot of your personality comes out in the eyes. It's where the real you can be seen and felt. If your eyelids are looking droop ...

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Case 6

Background:  This San Francisco mother of two still enjoys a busy and active lifestyle in the Bay Area.  She was increasingly concerned about her appearance in photos.  Her eyes seemed heavy and she felt her face wa ...

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