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Rhinoplasty For Men

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Case 300

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This African American man in his 20's had a big problem: he had long felt his nose detracted from the rest of his face. While he appreciated its shape in general, he felt it made him look too childlike. During ...

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Case 325

ABOUT OUR PATIENT After doing some research about non surgical treatment, this young man from Brazil stopped by my San Francisco office for a consultation. He had a clear vision of what he wanted to improve-his nose. He wanted to ...

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Case 197

Background: This patient consulted with Dr. Mabrie in his San Francisco office to explore his interest in non-surgical Rhinoplasty. He was dissatisfied with the general shape of his nose, as well as the contour of his face wh ...

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Case 349

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This patient had a very clear, specific goal in mind. He wanted to have smaller nostrils, since he thought his were looking too flared all the time. He searched around for nostril reduction on San Francisco and ...

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Case 70

  Achieve similar results non-surgically! Check out this case: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty  Background:  This young man had considered cosmetic nose surgery in San Francisco for a long time.  He wasn' ...

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Case 370

ABOUT OUR PATIENT Some people just aren't happy with the way their nose looks. This particular patient, a 28 year-old man from San Leandro, wasn't very happy with his. He wanted to make some slight changes to it, and he wasn't su ...

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Case 274

Background: This 38 year old East Bay Medical Technician had a history of trauma to the nose from 20 years ago. He had a silicone implant placed during a Surgical Rhinoplasty 10 years ago. Now after wearing a CPAP mask at night, t ...

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Case 299

Background: This East Bay man had considered nonsurgical rhinoplasty for about 6 months. Following an online search for a cosmetic surgeon who performed the procedure he saw several reviews of Dr. Mabrie's practice. He subsequentl ...

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