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Shadows Around Mouth

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Case 217

ABOUT OUR PATIENT "How can I get fuller lips?" As you can probably guess, I hear that question a lot. The answer is different each time, since each patient I help has a unique facial structure. This woman from the Bay Area, in ...

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Case 134

ABOUT THE PATIENT I enjoyed working with this patient. A postal worker from Northern California, she traveled to my office in San Francisco looking for an answer about the benefits of Chin Augmentation surgery. She went back and ...

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Case 235

ABOUT OUR PATIENT After having a facelift over 20 years ago, this California woman in her 60's, told herself she wasn't going to have surgery again. Upon browsing through the before and after photographs she saw on my website, ...

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Case 371

ABOUT OUR PATIENT If you've read through most of the case studies in my before and after photogallery, then you know that so many of my patients come to my office wanting to look less tired. And, you also know that one of the maj ...

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Case 185

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This woman from San Francisco had become more physically active in her daily life. As she achieved a higher level of fitness, she began to notice more prominent bags under her eyes. As you know, that's one of th ...

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Case 278

Background: This San Francisco woman had considered getting cosmetic surgery for a while but thought she was being selfish. She later realized that there were other people her age who looked great and thought "Why cant I look grea ...

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Case 280

Background: This woman, from Modesto, was now in her 50's and wanted to rejuvenate her looks. She spent time researching cosmetic surgeons and procedures, and decided to consult with Dr. Mabrie after reviewing his website. They di ...

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