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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Risks

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One of the reasons why many of our patients choose non-surgical rhinoplasty in San Francisco is to avoid the risks associated with surgery. It's important to understand that although non-surgical rhinoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure with relatively few complications, like any cosmetic procedure, it is not risk-free. Temporary unwanted side effects such as bruising may not be completely avoidable but can be reduced or managed with proper care.

To learn more about the risks of a non-surgical nose job in San Francisco from board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Mabrie, request a consultation online or call us at (415) 689-6634. Dr. Mabrie works with men and women throughout the Bay Area.

Potential Side Effects

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is currently an off-label use for fillers. All of the fillers used by Dr. Mabrie are FDA-approved for safety in the face, but some unwanted side effects may occur, such as:


There is a risk for bruising; however bruising with non-surgical rhinoplasty is usually minimal.


Compared to surgical rhinoplasty, non-surgical rhinoplasty is a substantially less painful procedure. Because the dermal fillers contain an anesthetic, the area is numb for 1 to 2 hours, but there may be an initial "pinch" felt at the point of injection. Any remaining discomfort is generally mild and should subside within a few hours.


Swelling around the injection site is normal and usually resolves after 2 weeks. As the swelling decreases, some irregularities in shape may appear as the filler settles. This can often be corrected by gently massaging the area to ensure even distribution. Dr. Mabrie will examine your results for balance and symmetry during your 2-week follow up appointment and make adjustments as necessary.

Adverse Reactions

Although uncommon, as with any medical procedure there is a chance for developing adverse reactions such infection, skin injury, or skin irregularities. These side effects are typically rare and most of our patients do not experience serious consequences after treatment. More common reactions include slight redness or irritation at the injection site.

Considerations for Surgical Patients

Non-surgical rhinoplasty works very well for individuals who have undergone surgical rhinoplasty because modifications may be performed with less risk and trauma. Although the risk of injury is less than with surgery, there is still some risk of injury with non-surgical treatments. Individuals have a risk for injury to the skin, especially those who are concerned with refining the nasal tip. After treatment it is important to watch for signs of vascular compromise, paleness of the skin, increasing pain, or redness.

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