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Filling Sunken Temples

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Shaping and Smoothing With Fillers

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The temples form a framework that supports a healthy, youthful face shape. However, some men and women lose significant facial volume as they age, and this may include the temples. When the fat in the temples shrinks, the face can take on a gaunt appearance which we associate with old age. Dr. David Mabrie uses RADIESSE® at his San Francisco practice to treat this area. RADIESSE injections can restore softness and shape to the temples, for a face that looks healthier and more youthful.

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The Temples and the Aging Face

Although it's not especially common, volume loss at the temples is a concern for some women and men. Many people who come to Dr. Mabrie to treat signs of facial aging aren't aware that their temples are adding years to their appearance. The temple is naturally concave, but this indentation is covered by a fat pad that creates a smooth contour and youthful face shape. With age, the fat diminishes, leaving some people with a sunken hollow at the temple, which makes the skull bones appear more pronounced. This "skeletonized" appearance is a hallmark of old age, and can make you look stark and unhealthy, even if you feel vibrant and energetic.

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Dr. Mabrie uses RADIESSE for filling the temple area because it is well-suited for deeper injection, and the results are long lasting. He takes special care to make the injections in the correct plane, under the muscle, close to the skull, and away from the larger blood vessels. This minimizes the chance of complications and creates a superior, predictable result.

Dr. David Mabrie - Enhancing the Attractive Face with Fillers

June 2013

Common Questions

How long will my results last?

RADIESSE results can last up to a year or more in some patients, especially with touch-up treatments performed at 6 months.

How much does treatment cost?

Dr. Mabrie's consultation fee is $300, and the cost of treatment depends largely on how much filler is required for your treatment. A 1.5 mL syringe of RADIESSE costs $975, and on average, it takes 2 syringes to treat the temples. You can refer to our fees and financing page for more information.

Does it hurt?

Dr. Mabrie uses a local anesthetic to partially numb the treatment area prior to injection. Additionally, the fillers all contain lidocaine (anesthetic) for your comfort. He can also use tiny, flexible, blunt-tipped microcannulas, which cut fewer arteries and veins than needles. This means you will experience less bruising and swelling after your treatment.

What other treatments are commonly paired with this?

Since hollows at the temples are associated with significant volume loss, it's not uncommon for patients to opt for volume enhancement in the cheeks, the nasolabial folds or under the eyes for a more complete facial rejuvenation.

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There are very few physicians in the Bay Area, or the country, who have Dr. Mabrie's level of experience sculpting facial contours with fillers, and even fewer who regularly perform filler injections to the temples. He has dedicated himself to the mastery of dermal fillers – both the art and the science. He also offers innovative injection techniques, such as the microcannula injection method. This allows for more refined artistry on his part, and a more comfortable recovery with less bruising and swelling for you.

San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon David C. Mabrie M.D., F.A.C.S.

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Dr. David Mabrie offers:

  • Double board certification
  • Excellent training & experience
  • Specialization in the face and neck
  • A trainer's skill in injectable filler techniques
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