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Balancing Ethnic Features

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Considering nose surgery in San Francisco? If you're wondering what makes a pleasing, well-shaped rhinoplasty outcome differ from a run-of-the-mill nose job, San Francisco facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Mabrie has some insights.

With today's diverse cultures, lifestyles, and backgrounds, there isn't a cookie-cutter nose for everyone. When you look at the photos on this page, notice how these notable beauties have facial harmony that creates an overall beauty. The nose does not stand out and instead compliments their other features. Their eyes become the focus.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman


Those of Jewish, Persian, Italian or Greek heritage often address a hump or drooping tip.

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu


Typically desire building up the bridge and refining the tip of the nose. Does well with non-surgical rhinoplasty as well.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry


May have a flat bridge and wide tip. Surgery can elevate and narrow the bridge and improve projection

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria


May have a broad & drooping tip, with a hump. Surgery can elevate and narrow the tip while removing the hump

As you can see, one nose shape definitely does not look good on everyone! Dr. Mabrie understands the importance of preserving your ethnical characteristics when he performs rhinoplasty in San Francisco. Our goal is to bring balance and symmetry to your appearance, creating overall beauty, not just a great-looking nose.

Dr. Mabrie works with men and women from throughout the Bay Area including San Francisco, Oakland, and Walnut Creek. Request a consultation online or call us at (415) 689-6634 today.

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Case 94

Background: This Filipina woman in her 20’s consulted with Dr. Mabrie in his San Francisco office, interested in a Rhinoplasty. She had been asked to do some modeling and noticed that on certain angles her nose was less defined than she would like. Her husband, who felt she was beautiful as was, supported her wish to obtain a consultation but urged her not to get “that o...

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  Achieve similar results non-surgically! Check out this case: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Background: This woman had long considered Rhinoplasty surgery. Her nasal tip was full and similar in size and shape to the nose of her father. While she liked his nose on him, she wanted something softer and more feminine. After searching several plastic surgery websites of doctors in San Francisc...

See All Before & After Photos
See All Before & After Photos

Rhinoplasty in Patients of Mediterranean Descent

Mediterranean noses may have a prominent hump combined with a tip that is oriented downward. Goals concerning reduction of this hump are largely personal and vary from patient to patient. You may want to reduce the hump slightly, maintaining more of the ethnic characteristics of the nose or eliminate it all together, producing a straight profile. Some patients like to create a slight concave turn of the nose. How much the hump is reduced affects the ethnic characteristics of the nose.

Asian Nose Surgery in San Francisco

Most of Dr. Mabrie's Asian rhinoplasty patients want to build up the bridge and tip of the nose. Some patients also need to have their nostrils tapered to avoid a "flared" look. Nostril reduction may produce pleasant results, but a skilled surgeon is needed to avoid overcorrection. There should still be some curve to the nostrils when viewed from below - a straight nostril wall simply appears unnatural.

In the past, it was popular in some parts of Asia to place a silicone L-strut to augment the dorsum and the tip. This procedure may be performed very quickly through a small incision under the lip or inside the nose. Though it produces significant augmentation, in most cases the procedure leads to a very obvious "Operated Asian Nose" appearance.

Instead of this technique, Dr. Mabrie uses a softer material, called GORE-TEX®, to augment the dorsum surgically. For patients who only need minimal correction, he offers an in-office non-surgical nose job which simply places a dermal filler in the dorsum.

African American Rhinoplasty

African American patients in the Bay Area frequently want to improve the shape and definition of their noses. Often there is a need to augment the nose. The nose may appear to have a low, broad bridge, the tip may seem wide and undefined, and the nostrils may or may not be a concern. In profile, the bridge may be underdeveloped and the tip may be close to the nose. Cosmetic surgery in San Francisco can help improve these cosmetic issues.

Many years ago rhinoplasty for African American patients involved a lot of reduction. Tips were made too small and the nostrils reduced so much that there was an unnatural appearance. Contemporary rhinoplasty for African American patients involves augmentation either surgically or with dermal fillers placed in the bridge to define the appearance and create better facial balance.

Rhinoplasty for Ethnic Patients

Read Dr. Mabrie's blog post on this topic to learn more about his different approaches.

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