Dr. Mabrie's unique approach to The Attractive Face has produced many happy patients. They are excited to have found a facial plastic surgeon in San Francisco who does more than simply fill lines or perform isolated procedures. Dr. Mabrie looks at the whole face, then develops a treatment plan that allows his patients' inner beauty to shine through.

Reading reviews from Dr. Mabrie's patients can be very helpful for those searching for a San Francisco facial plastic surgeon. These unbiased, first-person accounts can give you a glimpse into what it's really like to work with and be treated by Dr. Mabrie. You can find out more about a procedure you're interested in, or learn how patients rate Dr. Mabrie's bedside manner.

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Fantastic Results From Filler and Lipo
Posted by LCrestLS
While I was nervous at first, and even downright skeptical of the merits of any cosmetic procedures for myself, it’s hard to argue with Dr. Mabrie’s results. I was first directed to Mabrie Facial Cosmetics by a friend, who gave such high praise of the practice, that I had to see things for myself. The entire experience, from stepping out of the elevator into the office, to sitting for treatment, was about as luxurious as a day at 5-Star spa. Everything from the decor to the service was absolutely luxurious, and though I tend to be nervous about medical procedures (even minor checkups), it was hard not feel relaxed and at home.

Even without such amazing accommodations, the results of my treatment alone would be enough to merit a 5-Star review. What I wanted from my treatment were easy, subtle results that I could take confidence in knowing were present, without necessarily being overt or too showy, and that is exactly what I got. Dr. Mabrie is a master of his craft and worked deftly and quickly. Seriously, I’ve had dentist appointments that have taken longer, and have been far less invasive than an appointment with Dr. Mabrie, and yet my time in his chair was far more brief, comfortable, and generally productive.

Dark Circles Under Eye Treatment

I Had a Terrific Experience
Posted by mioshythomas
Today my appointment went great. I was very nervous at first I asked a lot of questions and they were answered in complete detail. When my procedure started i thought it was going to be painful but it was very easy. Dr Mabrie hands are so gently never could feel him touch my face. I recommend him to everyone. Dr. is very good at his craft> I cant wait until my next visit.


Great Evaluation and Quality of Work
Posted by nikop63
I’ve had fillers before and a rhinoplasty about 35 years ago. I love love his time for evaluations, recommendations and. It feeling rushed all the staff extra nice and make you feel at home.

Now for the results I’m so happy as well w the maintenance program.

Price yup it up ! But you get the quality and expertise of a true physician.


Cosmetic Enhancements That Work! - San Francisco, CA
Posted by Lafayette8086
After years of working and research work I felt my face looked tired and my skin tone was uneven. After receiving Dr. M's services I have never looked back and will continue to enhance my look with cosmetic services.

I did not experience any pain or downtime. My overall procedure was pretty basic and simple. Juvederm injections are simple. I decided to have the procedure to freshenp my look. I thought about some type of face enhancement procedure for about a year.

Would i use Juvederm again. Yes!

My Jawline is Fabulous Now! - San Francisco, CA
Posted by Shannyn San
My weak jawline was causing me to look older and was also causing a "turkey-gobbler" appearance under my chin and on my neck. In photos I was starting to get a double chin because this, even though I weigh only 122lbs (so not from weight, but purely from a weak bone structure). I have so much more confidence now and look great in photos again!


GREAT Experience, Loved It - San Francisco, CA
Posted by cgirl
I was hesitant at first, but Dr. M was SO thorough and patient in answering all my questions and concerns. I had a non-surgical rhinoplasty done and Dr. M was very careful in each step of the process to make sure everything was done exactly how I wanted it. Turned out great! Excellent Doctor and staff!! Highly recommended!


Great Bedside Manner, Sets Realistic Expectations - San Francisco, CA
Posted by missm88
I have shopped sought opinions from a handful of surgeons, seeking their professional opinions on various procedures, from rhinoplasty to botox. I ended up choosing Dr. M for restylane filler. He takes the time to really explain the pros and cons, and he sets realistic expectations. I am completely satisfied with my results and have already booked my next appointment with him. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family.


Wonderful Doctor - Amazing Results - San Francisco, CA
Posted by M.Rose
Dr. M is a great doctor. He makes you look amazing while at the same time looking like you got absolutely nothing done at all. No one will notice that you got work done, they will however notice how fantastic you look.

Wonderful Doctor - Amazing Results - San Francisco, CA
Posted by M.Rose
Dr. M is a great doctor. He makes you look amazing while at the same time looking like you got absolutely nothing done at all. No one will notice that you got work done, they will however notice how fantastic you look.

Chin Implant

Happy with my Chin Implant - San Francisco, CA
Posted by Oakland1648
He's not pushy, makes you feel comfortable and explains all the options and listens to your concerns, and is willing to take the time so that you're satisfied with your results.

Chin Surgery

Excellent! - San Francisco, CA
Posted by Cali4292
Dr. M made me feel very comfortable. He was happy to give me all the information I needed and I really felt like I could trust him and his recommendations for my procedure. He helped me have realistic expectations about results and recovery. The computer images were especially helpful for deciding which procedures to get. I am very happy with my result, it looks great and very natural.


A True Artist - San Francisco, CA
Posted by JudySF
To put it simply, Dr. M is an artist. He has the artist's eye and the deft skill to bring out the best in your features. He makes me look fresh and natural (and years younger) as if I returned from the best spa vacation.

Non Surgical Nose Job

My New Nose Without the Surgery - San Francisco, CA
Posted by luxe
I did my research prior to considering the actual rhinoplasty and I'm glad I did. Non-surgical rhino is so much more worth the down time. Dr. M will talk you through the process, and you can see the results that second. If a touch up is needed, you can fill until you are perfectly content with the shape and size. Great doctor and staff! Highly recommend!

All Injections Are Not Equal - San Francisco, CA
Posted by Happy Momma
I was very nervous about my procedures because other members of my family have had bad injections that have really disturbed their faces. Also, I know that the injections cost more with a plastic surgeon than a dermatologist, which I wasn't sure how to justify at first. I have to tell you, the artistry with which I got my fillers put in is not available with any derm that I know of. This man is an artist of the face and knows it inside and out, and that makes a huge difference. I look so rested it's like I never had children or 8 years of disturbed sleep from them! I love this. Also, he evened out my face, this never would have occurred to me, but man I look prettier!


Dr. M is Awesome! - San Francisco, CA
Posted by San Francisco4981
I've been a patient of Dr. M's since Sept. 2010. I'm 28 years old, and already starting to see the signs of aging. I came in for a consultation to find out what he can do to treat the wrinkles that have formed above my eyebrows. He listened to my concerns, and told me about Botox, and omg - it's done wonders! I love it :D I love it so much that I brought my mom in to have the same treatment. We are both so pleased with our treatments. Thank you, Dr. M!!