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the attractive face, the science of beauty, understood at last


Most of Dr. Mabrie's San Francisco plastic surgery clients remark that they want to look good for their age, but what does that mean? No one expects a 40-something woman to have a 20-something face, but studies show a strong correlation between attractiveness and youthfulness. Dr. Mabrie understands how to bring a more youthful, attractive look to your features without erasing the character of your face.

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Dr. Mabrie analyzes all of your features, and makes the small, targeted changes that produce a more youthful, attractive appearance, often without plastic surgery. Visit him in San Francisco to learn how you can look like the most attractive version of yourself. Request a consultation online or call us at (415) 689-6634 today.

The Allure of Youth

Research shows that, in general, we find youthful features more attractive. You can thank the laws of nature for that. Our instinctive sense of attraction prompts us to look for healthy mate with which to produce hardy offspring. On a primal level, youth equals health, strength, and fertility, so it's only natural that we'd find youthful faces more attractive.

But you don't need to look like your high school yearbook photo to be attractive. In fact, most of us have seen individuals who have taken the quest for youth too far, with a result that is not attractive. The key lies in knowing which improvements to make and to what degree. That's where Dr. Mabrie's training, experience, artistic eye and extensive research come into play. He can help you to have a more youthful look, characterized by:

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Fuller cheeks and lips
  • Softly arched brows for women and defined brows for men
  • An absence of rings or shadows beneath the eyes

With carefully selected and implemented treatments, Dr. Mabrie can take years off of your appearance without raising suspicion. You won't look "worked on," you'll look relaxed and refreshed, like you're taking great care of yourself.


Similarity between the left and right halves of the face


A strong chin, high cheek bones and a smooth nasal contour


Smooth skin with good coloration


Nothing about the face is particularly exotic or "extreme"

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