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Himjections: The most popular filler treatments for men.

Himjections: The Most Popular Filler Treatments for Men

Why do men choose injectable treatments like BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM®? There are lots of reasons, but most of our San Francisco Bay Area patients are looking to either refine their natural looks or combat signs of aging so they can stay looking youthful and fit. Injectables are the newest addition to guys' physical upkeep routine: …

Dr. Mabrie with syringe and male doll.

BOTOX & Fillers For the Modern Man | Guy Maintenance

Hey guys, here’s a topic that probably won’t be discussed at your next poker game or tailgate party: men and injectables. Cosmetic improvement has often been associated with women, but now more than ever, men are discovering that they can benefit from nonsurgical treatments, namely neuromodulators, such as , and dermal fillers, such as . …

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