A Versatile, Long-lasting Filler

Whether you’re longing to reverse the common signs of aging or address a health issue that otherwise would require an invasive treatment, you have more options in looking and feeling better with RADIESSE. Developed with safety and longevity in mind, RADIESSE is a new-generation injectable filler that offers superior versatility for both cosmetic and reconstructive use without surgery. Our Injectors use RADIESSE at Mabrie Facial Institute in San Francisco to augment areas like the cheeks and chin.


The unique composition of RADIESSE provides immediate visual improvement common with other fillers, along with the benefit of long-lasting results. Dr. Mabrie has been using RADIESSE with his San Francisco Bay Area patients for several years and they have enjoyed benefits up to 15 months. This is because RADIESSE is made of very tiny, smooth calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres. The microspheres (particles) form a scaffold through which your body’s own collagen grows, and this produces the desired long-term effect. These unique advantages make RADIESSE the ideal choice for facial shaping and contouring.


Does RADIESSE hurt?

An initial “pinch” is usually felt from the needle, which feels similar to a toothpick on the skin. However, most individuals experience very little discomfort during their procedure since dermal fillers contain a numbing anesthetic that takes effect immediately upon injection.

How long will RADIESSE last?

In facial applications, RADIESSE should provide a correction that lasts around 15 to 24 months (with an occasional touchup). Individual results may vary, affected by age, metabolism, skin type, lifestyle and muscle activity.

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Out of 2,000 nominees in the U.S., Dr. Mabrie was voted one of the Top 25 Most Loved Injectors for 2017 by the RealSelf community. Thanks to all our amazing patients for making him the only injector in the Bay Area to receive this honor.

How quickly can I return to my normal activities?

Approximately 24 hours following injection of RADIESSE, most swelling or redness will have subsided. Some patients return to work immediately following injection.

Is RADIESSE permanent?

No. The gel carrier dissipates over a few months allowing for new tissue infiltration. The CaHA particles gradually break down and are metabolized over 2 to 3 years. Once injected however, RADIESSE is not reversible.

Will RADIESSE become hard or noticeable to touch?

No, RADIESSE will remain soft and pliable and will take on the characteristics of the surrounding soft tissue.

Will I need a skin test before RADIESSE?

No pre-testing is required due to RADIESSE unique synthetic product formulation and biocompatibility profile.

What is RADIESSE composed of?

RADIESSE is composed of synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a gel carrier.

CaHA is a biomaterial with over twenty years of use in orthopedics, neurosurgery, dentistry, and ophthalmology, and is the primary mineral constituent of bone and teeth. The semi-solid nature of RADIESSE is created by suspending CaHA in a common water based carrier, also used in a large array of products.

RADIESSE is synthetic CaHA that has similar characteristics to bone and teeth, and is naturally compatible with the body. It has been tested extensively in clinical trials for over seven years now with exceptional safety and efficacy results.

How many RADIESSE treatments will I require?

Some patients may achieve an optimal correction on their first injection. For other patients, variability in the rate of tissue in-growth may require a touch-up to achieve an optimal correction.


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Are there any side effects?

Dermal fillers have minimal side effects that are similar to that of BOTOX® Cosmetic. However, some common injection-related reactions may occur, such as bruising, which is seen in about 20% of patients. Additionally, following the injection there may be swelling, which resolves within a day or two. For additional information, read what to expect during and after your treatment.

For a gentler injection procedure, Team Mabrie uses the innovative microcannula injection method. These blunt-ended microcannulas cut fewer arteries and veins than needles, resulting in significantly less after-treatment bruising and swelling.

What if I am taking medication?

RADIESSE should not be implanted in patients while on an aspirin regimen or while taking other medications that could inhibit the healing process. Please consult your physician for more information.

Can RADIESSE be injected over other implants?

RADIESSE should not be injected in patients who have other implants or materials still in place.

Is RADIESSE approved?

Yes, RADIESSE is approved for use in U.S., Europe, Canada, and various other countries.

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