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David Mabrie, MD: Shaping the Future of Aesthetics

Shaping the future of aesthetics  For David Mabrie, success means helping patients and advancing the field through leadership.  Dr. David Mabrie describes his father, head and neck surgeon Dr. Herman J. Mabrie III, with one word: “cool.” When he was young, he equated the Houston doctor to a senator or a jet pilot—someone who exuded palpable “swagger.” It's no wonder he wanted to …

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Office Design

The historic Tanama building at 166 Geary in Union Square survived the 1906 Earthquake. After practicing in the Bay Area for several years, Dr. Mabrie moved his office to 166 Geary in the heart of downtown San Francisco/Union Square. Dr. Mabrie recalls, "Of course, we were delighted to be in such a great historic building, …

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