You don’t need big changes to have an amazing face.”

David C. Mabrie, M.D.

Millimeters Could Be Standing Between You and Your Perfect Face 

For most of us, the difference between the way we look and the way we want to look is a matter of millimeters. A 1-millimeter depression under the eyes is enough to cause shadows, under eye bags, and dark circles. Dermal fillers make it possible to lift those areas and create smooth surfaces that reflect light. Rejuvenated, your eyes are fresh and youthful.  

When treating the face with fillers, not all millimeters are equal. The right millimeters can revive tired eyes, chisel the chin/jawline, lift and contour the cheeks, and even define the nose. The wrong millimeters can make problem areas worse and make you look older or unnatural. 

Where and how these small increments are placed can determine if your results are amazing or amazingly bad (obvious). Incorrect placement or overfilling the under eye by just 1-2 millimeters can create protruding bags and puffiness. Instead of looking youthful, those wrong millimeters can make you look sleepy, sad, or older.  

Dr. Mabrie and his team of Injectors are devoted to ensuring that you receive the right millimeters. That means, you consistently receive natural results performed by experts specializing exclusively in non surgical treatments.  

An Illuminating Idea – A Different Approach to Fillers 

Since 2001, Dr. Mabrie and his team have focused on elevating the art and science of fillers. With 20 years of experience working with fillers, a new approach was created to give patients a better office experience and beautiful treatment results. We call it Illumination 360°

Great Results Require More Than Just an Injection 

Illumination 360˚—our exclusive approach to fillers—views your face holistically. We’ll examine your face from all angles to create a treatment plan designed for you. Whether you want to rejuvenate or contour, we can illuminate your perfect face. 

More Than Skin Deep 

An attractive face starts under the skin with shape, symmetry, and proportion. Our Injectors take a 3-dimensional approach, like sculptors, to harmonize and balance your features. Using fillers and neurotoxins like BOTOX, we artfully sculpt your face to create contour and definition and diminish the signs of aging. 

More Than the Sum of Your Parts 

Your face consists of separate features (eyes, nose, chin). While you may focus on an individual area when considering treatment; the way all the areas come together is what actually determines facial beauty. Our Injectors are trained to view your entire face with an artistic appreciation for facial harmony.  

More Than One & Done 

Your best filler results require more than one injection. Layering is key for natural results. Your filler treatment is completed over (at least) 2 appointments as we create a foundational layer of filler that we’ll build upon at your next appointment. This avoids over-filling and allows your body time to recover. After reaching your optimal results, you’ll also receive a maintenance plan to keep your results looking fresh for years to come.  

Read our blog post on the subject to learn more about why “It Takes Two.” 

The MFI Advantage

MFI focuses exclusively on injectables, and has set the bar in the art and science of fillers for more than 15 years. Dr. Mabrie, trained as a facial plastic surgeon, has dedicated thousands of hours to carefully selecting and training our talented Injectors in the most innovative, effective, and safe techniques for injectables. There is no other practice in the Bay Area with the level of experience, education, and passion for injectables you'll find at MFI.

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