A strong chin and chiseled jawline masculinize the face and give you a more athletic look. If your jawline is not as masculine as you’d like, you may be researching your options for jaw masculinization. Surgery can be painful, expensive, and irreversible, and many nonsurgical “solutions” are nothing more than gimmicks. Chin and jawline filler provide the most effective, reliable results you can get without surgery.

Jawline Masculinization Before and After

At MFI in San Francisco, we specialize in masculinizing the chin and jawline with filler, and the results speak for themselves.

The IssueThe MFI Solution
Undefined jawline, round lower face, small or recessed chinChin & Jawline Filler
Excess fat softening the chin and jawlineKYBELLA injections

What Is a Masculine Jawline?

The classic masculine jawline is defined, angular, and punctuated by a prominent chin. The word “chiseled” is often used to describe the ideal male jawline, meaning there are clean, sharp lines of definition between the lower face and neck.

Can You Masculinize Your Jawline Without Surgery?

The internet offers a few “solutions” for masculinizing the jawline, including:

  • Jawline exercises/exercising devices
  • Growing a beard
  • Contouring wands
  • Facial fitness chewing gum

None of these is a real, lasting solution, since they don’t really give you the shape and definition of a truly masculine jawline.

What Makes a Jawline Masculine?

People who want to masculinize their jawline typically want:

  • A well-defined jaw angle
  • A straight jawline
  • A wide, square, masculine chin

Understanding how you get a masculine jawline is essential to understanding how we can create a more manly jaw with injectables.

Jaw Muscles

Some people have more prominent masseter muscles that can broaden and add definition to the lower face. This can contribute to a square, angular, masculine-looking jawline.

Bone Structure

Some people are genetically predisposed to have a bone structure that results in an angular jaw and a squarer face shape, which we typically associate with masculinity. Your chin shape—whether large, small, cleft, or receded—is also the product of genetics.

Absence of Submental (Chin) Fat

Even slender people sometimes collect fat in this area. The dreaded “double chin” can hide your jawline, soften your lower face, and detract from the lean, fit look we associate with masculinity.

Masculinizing the Jawline Without Surgery

You don’t have to have surgery to get a chiseled, masculine jawline. But for a solution to work, it has to enhance the underlying structure of your lower face.

Build Jaw Muscles

You may want to try building your masseter muscles with exercises or special chewing gum. There is little evidence to show that this makes a visible difference, but it likely won’t cause any harm. However, if you suffer from TMJ, you’ll want to skip the chewing exercises as they could exacerbate the condition.

Enhance Bone Structure With Filler

Our team of Injectors uses fillers including Restylane Lyft®, JUVÉDERM VOLUMA®, and RADIESSE® on the chin and jawline to:

  • Create sharp jaw angle definition
  • Streamline and define the entire jawline
  • Build a projected, masculine chin

At MFI, our Chin & Jawline Filler procedure was created for this purpose. Our highly skilled Injectors customize a treatment plan and layer fillers over the course of two or more appointments to build and refine your ideal masculine jawline.

Get Rid of a Double Chin

If excess submental fat is contributing to your lack of jawline definition, we offer KYBELLA injections to dissolve fat in this area. This is often done to complement the results of chin and jawline filler.

Learn More About KYBELLA

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