Most of us have something about our noses that we would like to change, even if subtle. That’s why rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures worldwide. But rhinoplasty isn’t for everyone, and you might be wondering if you can reshape your nose without surgery. You can, but not with a nose reshaping tool or “nose yoga.” The only way to reshape your nose without surgery is with the careful application of nose filler—a procedure known as non surgical rhinoplasty. This page will explain why other “solutions” don’t work, and help you understand your options.

Non Surgical Nose Job Before and After

At MFI in San Francisco, non surgical rhinoplasty is one of our most popular procedures. Our experienced Injectors have earned a reputation for beautiful non surgical rhinoplasty results. See for yourself!

The IssueThe MFI Solution
Underprojected, wide, or bumpy bridgeNon Surgical Rhinoplasty
Bulbous, drooping, or undefined nasal tipNon Surgical Rhinoplasty
Deviations, asymmetry, concavitiesNon Surgical Rhinoplasty

Can You Reshape Your Nose Without Surgery?

The internet offers some interesting products that claim to have the secret for how to reshape nose cartilage at home. These include:

  • External nose reshaping tools
  • Internal nose discs
  • Nasal bone remodeling oil
  • Nose clips
  • Makeup
  • Nose exercises

It might be tempting to try some of these gimmicks, but once you understand a little bit about nasal anatomy, you’ll see that none of these can possibly make a difference in your nose shape.

How Is Nose Shape Determined?

The external nose consists of two nasal bones, cartilage, and skin, and how these are shaped can be the result of several factors.


The nose you were born with is the result of genetics. The size, shape, and other characteristics of your nose are influenced by what part of the world your ancestors are from, and which genes you inherited.


If your nose has been fractured, it may have healed improperly, causing a crooked or slanted bridge, or even bumps or indentations.


Nose surgery can weaken the nasal bones or cartilage, resulting in indentations or other irregularities.


The tissues that form the tip of the nose can become bulbous, undefined, or droopy with age.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty With Filler

While only surgery can revise the bone and cartilage in your nose, injectable fillers can sculpt nasal contours for remarkable, customized results. During our Non Surgical Rhinoplasty procedure, our highly experienced Injectors use fillers such as Restylane® to:

  • Build up a flat or shallow bridge
  • Smooth a bump/hump on the bridge
  • Straighten the bridge
  • Correct concavities or irregularities
  • Sculpt a narrower bridge
  • Define the nasal tip
  • Lift a drooping nasal tip

We inject filler at a precise anatomic depth where there are fewer arteries, and conservatively layer the filler over the course of two appointments. Unlike surgical results, nose filler results can be refined until you have exactly the look you want.

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The MFI Advantage

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