A well-shaped and defined chin is key to both masculine and feminine attractiveness. If your chin is not as pronounced as you’d like, you may be looking into chin augmentation or enhancement treatments. Surgery is expensive, painful, and can have a lengthy recovery process, but there are excellent nonsurgical options available. This page will help you understand what causes a small chin, and why chin filler is the best option for augmenting this important feature.

Chin Filler Before and After

At MFI in San Francisco, chin filler is one of our top procedures, and with results like these, it’s easy to see why.

The IssueThe MFI Solution
Small or weak chinChin & Jawline Filler
Recessed, dimpled chinBOTOX injections

Chin Augmentation Without Surgery?

If you don’t want to have surgery to reshape your chin, you might have researched or tried some of these “solutions” found on the internet:

  • Braces
  • Facial exercises
  • Growing a beard
  • Makeup

While some of these can disguise a small chin, none of them can actually augment your chin to bring it into balance with your other features. Chin filler is the only nonsurgical solution that treats the problem at its source.

What Causes a Small or Weak Chin?

Understanding why you have a small, weak, or recessed chin will help you understand why filler is such an excellent solution for chin augmentation.

Genetics/Bone Structure

A small or weak chin—where the mandible (lower jaw) is visibly recessed— is the result of genetics. An underdeveloped jawbone is an inherited trait that you can probably see in your parents, grandparents, or siblings.

Aging/Loss of Bone and Soft Tissue

Everyone loses bone and soft tissue with age. This can cause the chin to recede and appear too small to balance your other features.

Overactive Muscles

Some people have a hyperactive mentalis muscle—the muscle responsible for elevating the skin on your chin. If this muscle works too hard, it can pull the chin back and cause a dimpled appearance on the skin.

How Do You Fix a Small, Weak, or Receding Chin With Filler?

Sculpting your ideal chin involves several considerations, including whether you’re male or female. We take into consideration the shape, height, width, and projection of your chin when developing a customized plan for you.

Chin Augmentation With Filler

Our highly skilled Injectors specialize in giving your bone structure a boost with fillers. We use fillers such as JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® and RADIESSE® to:

  • Augment a small chin
  • Add length to a recessed or short chin
  • Shape either a masculine or feminine chin contour

Fillers are carefully layered over the course of two or more appointments, usually as part of our Chin & Jawline Filler procedure.

Increase Chin Projection With BOTOX

If an overactive mentalis muscle is causing your chin to appear recessed, we can inject it with BOTOX or another neuromodulator. This disables the muscle, releasing the chin for more projection. This also eliminates the appearance of a dimpled chin.

Learn More About BOTOX

The MFI Advantage

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