If your jawline is not as feminine as you’d like, you may have looked into products or treatments for jaw feminization. Surgery is an option, but it can be painful, expensive, and irreversible. If you’re interested in nonsurgical options, don’t fall for gadgets and gimmicks. Jawline filler and BOTOX® are the only effective, reliable nonsurgical options for feminizing the jawline.

Jawline Feminization Before and After

At MFI in San Francisco, we specialize in contouring the jawline with filler and BOTOX, and the results speak for themselves.

The IssueThe MFI Solution
Full, broad, or square jawBOTOX® for Masseter & Jaw
Undefined jawline, round lower face, small or recessed chinChin & Jawline Filler

What Is a Feminine Jawline?

The classic feminine jawline is smaller and narrower than a male jaw and forms a V-shape at the chin. The contours tend to be softer and rounder than the classic “chiseled” male jawline.

Can You Feminize Your Jawline Without Surgery?

The internet offers a few “solutions” to soften a masculine jawline, including:

  • Jawline exercisers
  • Contouring Makeup
  • Contouring wands
  • Facial fitness chewing gum
  • Face slimmer wraps

None of these is a real, lasting solution, since they don’t really address the underlying factors that contribute to a feminine jawline.

What Makes a Jawline Feminine?

People who want to feminize their jawline typically want to reduce or minimize masculine characteristics and create more feminine contours. Understanding what makes a jawline feminine is essential to understanding how we can feminize the jaw with filler and BOTOX.


A youthful, feminine jawline gently curves from the temples to the point of the chin. However, whether due to clenching, grinding, or just genetics, some people have enlarged masseter muscles that add bulk to the lower face. This can create a square, angular, masculine-looking jawline. Enlarged parotid glands in this area can also contribute to a broad lower face.

Bone Structure

No matter what your gender, you may have been born with an angular jaw and a squarer face shape, which we typically associate with masculinity. Your chin shape—whether broad, small, or receded— may also be preventing you from having a feminine, V-shaped jawline.

Feminizing the Jawline With BOTOX and Filler

When our experienced Injectors approach jawline feminization, the goal is to soften harsh angles and sculpt the V-shape, or inverted triangle, that we associate with youth and femininity.

Lower Face Slimming With BOTOX

By injecting them with BOTOX or another neuromodulator, our skilled Injectors can disable the masseter muscles (or parotid glands), which causes them to shrink over time. The result is a softer, more V-shaped, feminine face and jawline. This is the focus of our BOTOX for Masseter & Jaw procedure.

Feminize Jaw Contours With Filler

There are several ways fillers can be used to feminize a masculine jawline, including:

  • Soften a hard or “chiseled” jaw
  • Sculpt the jaw angle to create a feminine V-shape
  • Refine a masculine chin to make it appear smaller or softer
  • Augment a small or recessed chin for a more V-shaped face

Our team of Injectors typically uses Restylane Lyft®, JUVÉDERM VOLUMA®, or RADIESSE® on the chin and jawline. We carefully layer fillers over the course of two or more appointments to build and refine your ideal contours.

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