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Surgical Chin Augmentation

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Those who are lucky enough to have a strong chin probably don't think about it very often. But many people who have an underdeveloped chin structure certainly do. It's not pleasant to have your chin characterized as "weak." It's frustrating when your otherwise attractive face is undermined by a receding chin. And fair or unfair, some people make a leap in judgment — weak chin, weak personality. That's why so many men and women choose chin augmentation in San Francisco from Dr. David Mabrie.

Featured Cases

Case 365

ABOUT OUR PATIENT For some birthdays you just treat yourself. This woman from Oakley had an idea for just the right kind of gift that would make a huge impact on her life. She wanted to look better by trying out cosmetic surgery, just to see if it could help with the way her lips and chin looked - an area she had been feeling sensitive about for a while. When she stopped by my San Francisco offi...

Case 249

Background: This San Francisco man wanted a more defined jawline and chin. He consulted with Dr. Mabrie about his Chin Augmentation and Neck Liposuction. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "I really enjoy doing chin augmentations because they make people look better. This man's chin is pretty good to start, and with the implant he looks fantastic." Procedure: Chin Augmentation with Liposuction of neck. F...

Case 134

ABOUT THE PATIENT I enjoyed working with this patient. A postal worker from Northern California, she traveled to my office in San Francisco looking for an answer about the benefits of Chin Augmentation surgery. She went back and forth on whether to have a cosmetic surgery procedure for years before coming to talk to me. Her family discourages her because one of her relatives had severe complicati...

Case 12

Background: This bay area woman was 17 and unhappy with her profile. She and her mother consulted with Dr. Mabrie about surgical options for augmenting her chin. It was important to have a chin with better balance with the rest of her face. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "This is a very attractive young lady. Her chin was underdeveloped relative to the upper part of her face. The imbalance gave the illu...

Case 180

Background: This East Bay man consulted Dr. Mabrie at his San Francisco office about Chin Augmentation. During his consultation, they discussed Chin Augmentation with Facial Liposuction, to best achieve his cosmetic goals. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "This was a very straightforward case, the patient was a man that had some strong facial features but a weaker chin. I felt that a chin implant would g...

Case 187

Background: This San Francisco man came in for a consultation with Dr. Mabrie. He came in to discuss the improvement of his neck and jawline. He was interested in Facial Liposuction. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "On profile view there was a moderate amount of fullness, causing skin to sag. Because of the amount of fullness present I suggested chin augmentation. This patient had natural augmentat...

Case 153

Background: This 50 year old San Francisco bay area woman consulted with Dr Mabrie interested in facial liposuction to refine her neck area. She was unhappy with the excess volume and felt it made her face appear bloated and tired, causing her to look older than she is. Dr Mabrie’s Assessment: “She is a great candidate for facial liposuction. Her skin is thick and ...

Case 243

Background: This young San Francisco man wanted to have a more athletic look to his face and jawline, he consulted Dr. Mabrie about Chin Augmentation. During the consultation they discussed chin augmentation using either a medium or large implant and liposuction of the neck area. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "This was an interesting case because in addition to using a large chin implant, we also had ...

Case 323

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This gentleman in his early 40's recently moved to the Bay Area. After 15 years of considering a treatment, he gave me the honor of coming in to chat after hearing about my practice through RealSelf. I was happy to give him my feedback. He wanted his face to have a more defined, symmetric appearance. He was worried that he was looking too tired all the time and wanted to polish ...

See All Before & After Photos
See All Before & After Photos

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Am I a Good Candidate?

If you generally feel pretty good about yourself but you have an undersized chin that causes you to feel unhappy with your appearance, you could be a good candidate for chin augmentation. If you're also considering nose surgery or a facelift, you may very well find that getting a chin implant at the same time will balance your face and give you that strong profile and "finished" look you've been seeking.

If a double chin is the primary reason you're not satisfied with your appearance, KYBELLA™ is a non-surgical alternative to chin augmentation. KYBELLA is an FDA-approved treatment that reduces fat beneath the chin with a series of injections.

How Will I Look?

Facial plastic surgery is successful when subtle changes to your appearance bring about a more attractive you. A slight but important change is what you can expect from chin augmentation. You and your loved ones may notice your stronger chin, but some of your friends may not.

Even more important is the way a procedure like chin augmentation can impact how you feel about yourself. By balancing your other facial features, a chin implant can give you a handsome profile more in line with what's considered classically attractive in our society. If you've struggled with a "weak" chin, augmentation will likely give your self-esteem a meaningful boost.

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What Can Dermal Fillers Do For My Chin?

July 2015

How Is Chin Augmentation Performed?

Dr. Mabrie uses chin implants to strengthen the chin and bring it into better harmony with the rest of your face. Chin implants have a good record for safety and patient satisfaction.

The first step is to decide what size implant to use. Then during surgery, a small incision is made under your chin. Dr. Mabrie performs chin augmentation with this small incision under the chin instead of using an incision inside the mouth because it decreases the risk of infection. The implant is placed and secured with a few stitches.

Dr. Mabrie performs chin augmentation in a hospital setting. He performs most San Francisco plastic surgery procedures at California Pacific Medical Center. In the East Bay, Dr. Mabrie performs chin augmentations at Doctors' Medical Center in San Pablo and Canyon Surgery Center. The procedure takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

Chin augmentation entails few risks, but Dr. Mabrie will ensure you're aware of possible risks and complications as you plan your procedure.

Dr. Mabrie performs chin augmentation surgery with silastic implants of different sizes and shapes depending on the shape of the patient's face and the amount of augmentation required.

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Featured Cases

Case 404

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This patient came to me with two goals. The first was to correct his nose, he had a Surgical Rhinoplasty 2 decades previously but felt his nasal bridge could be straighter and his nasal tip more defined. The second was to enhance his cheeks and he was interested in learning the difference between cheek implants, fat transfers and facial dermal fillers. DR. MABRIE'S TREATMENT PL...

Case 396

ABOUT OUR PATIENT During a recent modeling photoshoot, this patient was amazed to see how the photographer highlighted his chin and cheekbones with some good old-fashioned lighting tricks. So he started searching online for how to emphasize these parts of his face in real life. When he found my website, he set up an appointment to talk options. DR. MABRIE'S TREATMENT PLAN Right from the start, ...

Case 420

ABOUT OUR PATIENT Mr. O is a close friend of mine! By day, he's a Data Scientist, but at night...he's a San Francisco DJ. Over the years, Mr. O has quietly observed treatment results on other friends and family. Seeing the great results and positively that grows from looking your best, he decided it was time for his own treatment. DR. MABRIE'S TREATMENT PLAN I have been wanting to treat Mr. O f...

Case 414

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This patient came to us from Los Angeles with concern of her nose. She initially consulted with Dr. Mabrie via Skype and said she liked how her nose looked with a Snapchat filter and wanted her nose to always look like that! She was also interested in treatment for her under eyes. DR. MABRIE'S TREATMENT PLAN It was great working with Ms. J! She has her own clothing line and lo...

Case 331

Case description on it's way!

Case 325

ABOUT OUR PATIENT After doing some research about non surgical treatment, this young man from Brazil stopped by my San Francisco office for a consultation. He had a clear vision of what he wanted to improve-his nose. He wanted to remove a small distracting bump and make the tip appear more upturned. Facial dermal filler treatments are ideal for these kinds of aesthetic defects, so I was more than...

Case 401

ABOUT OUR PATIENT As soon as this soon-to-be Full Face patient stepped into my San Francisco office, I noticed the inherent elegance of her face. I saw opportunities to reverse the effects of aging, accentuating her features and restore her natural allure non-surgically. DR. MABRIE'S TREATMENT PLAN This patient's primary issue was a facial sagging that distracted from her striking features. I i...

Case 336

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This patient was already very content with the way his face appears, but has some issues with his jawline. Since most of his other family members displayed a more prominent chin, he wanted in on that legacy. He shopped around his area and consulted with a few different doctors, but wasn't feeling comfortable enough to move forward with any of them. Regular plastic surgery method...

Case 387

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This brave woman came to see us after recently surviving breast cancer. She wanted to find a facial treatment that would restore facial volume she lost during her therapy. She didn't want to look tied anymore. Wanting to feel fresh and new, this patient was ready to start the next chapter of her life. DR. MABRIE'S TREATMENT PLAN This is another patient that we took the Full Fa...

Case 415

ABOUT OUR PATIENT You may recognize this patient...(hint) she is also one of our Medical Assistants! After helping Dr. Mabrie treat many patients and seeing other patient's results, Ms. C wanted her own treatment. Feeling that she was looking a little tired and a Snapchat filter devotee, she was ready for some rejuvenation and enhancement similar to her favorite Snapchat filter photos. She loved ...

Case 405

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This young man in his mid-20's consulted with me because he felt that he was looking tired. In particular, he was unhappy about the shadows under his eyes. Mr. H wanted to look fresher and more awake. He also wanted to explore ways to improve his appearance. DR. MABRIE'S TREATMENT PLAN I was excited to work with Mr. H because he was ready for full face treatment. He was all-in...

Case 393

ABOUT OUR PATIENT Does this patient look familiar to some of you? Well, she ought to. She's my medical assistant, Nicole! You'll see her helping me around the office with surgeries and filler injections. Nicole and I first started talking about treating the area beneath her eyes. Like most of the patients I see, she was noticing dark circles developing under her eyes. DR. MABRIE'S TREATMEN...

Case 317

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This young Bay Area woman had previously received a non-surgical Juvederm treatment to address the circles that were appearing under her eyes, but she wasn't exactly satisfied with the results. After reading some of my patient reviews online and noting my unique approach and focus on non-surgical facial sculpting, she decided to come in for a consultation at my downtown San Fran...

Case 389

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This young woman from Oakland had been feeling self-conscious of her lips. When she came into my San Francisco office for a consultation, she asked me if it was possible for her lips to look just like how she always wanted them to. I told her that by using dermal filler injections, we could help her lips look fuller without compromising her facial structure's harmony. After try...

Case 397

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This San Francisco man had been researching for information about CoolSculpting on RealSelf when he came across my profile. He looked through my site and was impressed by our before and after photo gallery. He wanted to find a way to get rid of the bags that were forming under his eyes. Yet I saw a lot of potential in this patient's face, and that his features would be significa...

See All Before & After Photos
See All Before & After Photos

Chin Augmentation Recovery

Bandages Suture Removal restaurant ready* 75% 100%
2-4 days 5-7 days 7-10 days 3-4 weeks 2-3 months

*restaurant ready means you are ready to debut the new you!

What Is the Recovery Like?

After the surgery Dr. Mabrie will place a small bandage over your chin. He'll remove it two to four days later. You will return home the day of your surgery but you'll need to wait to resume normal activities until a week later. You'll need to avoid strenuous exercise for 3 weeks and contact sports for 6 weeks.

While your discomfort should be minimal and easily controlled with medication, you may have some trouble chewing at first. You'll want to plan to eat soft foods for about a week. After several weeks, you won't be able to feel the implant at all because it assumes the consistency and feel of your own tissue.

San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon David C. Mabrie M.D., F.A.C.S.

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