At Mabrie Facial Cosmetic surgery our goal is to deliver exceptional care, consisting of excellent medical care and outstanding customer service. The following is a case study on a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) procedure from Mabrie Facial Cosmetic Surgery.

Before & After Blepharoplasty

Before Image
After Image

Pat’s Experience

Before Pat's eyelid treatment

Notice the heaviness of the upper lid

Pat is in her early 50s and is a busy Mom working in the bio technical industry. Pat noticed that her eyelids were starting to droop and felt that it made her look tired or angry. After consulting with San Francisco facial plastic surgeon Dr. Mabrie, she decided to have an upper blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) and is very happy with her results. “Dr. Mabrie is a very skilled and generous doctor. The office staff is helpful and friendly.”

Pat thought about having surgery for about four years and did her own research on the internet and watching reality television programming like the Swan and Extreme Makeover. Like many women, Pat also confided her thoughts about having surgery to her hairstylist. When she asked her stylist if she knew anyone who had the procedure, Dr. Mabrie’s name came up. “She knew a couple of people that had the surgery done with Dr. Mabrie and they looked really good.”

Outlines on Pat's eyelids to show treatment area

The first step of the operation is to outline the excess skin

“I attended one of your seminars and decided to move forward. I liked Dr. Mabrie right away. I liked the fact that he was very honest. He didn’t try to push more surgeries on me – like a lot of other doctor’s do.”

When asked what prompted her to take action after years of thinking about surgery, Pat replied, “My sister had one and I saw hers and what it did for her looks and I was really impressed by it.”

Pat then scheduled a consultation to meet with Dr. Mabrie and discuss her options.”He was very patient. He answered all my questions. He took his time. I liked the fact that he wanted to make me look natural.”

Four days after Pat's eyelid treatment

Four days after the surgery, no pain and looking pretty good!

Pat’s procedure took about an hour and felt that her recovery went really well. She opted to have her blepharoplasty in-office with an oral sedative. Some patient’s elect to have this procedure performed under general anesthesia in a hospital or surgical facility.

Pat’s recovered well and looks great after just 4 days. After surgery, she took over-the-counter Tylenol for pain, and placed cold compresses on the eyes for 48 hours. Her sutures (stitches) were removed at her post-operative visit. Already, she is happy with the results. “I appreciated that Dr. Mabrie called me (after surgery) at home to see how I was…for him to take a few moments just to call and see how I am was very nice.”

Final Results: Look at those Eyes!

Pat's final results

Most of the swelling is gone and patients are “restaurant ready” in 10-14 days. The final results generally may be appreciated 6-8 weeks after surgery.

Pat is very pleased with her results. “I trusted my doctor and I had all the confidence in the world with him. “When asked about the best thing about having the surgery, Pat remarked “I can wear eyeshadow again!”

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