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Smooth Temples

You probably don't give a lot of thought to your temples and the role they play in your facial appearance. Smooth, full temples form the upper border of a symmetrical, youthfully shaped face, and they enhance the balanced, healthy look that humans find universally attractive. For those whose temples have lost volume with age, Dr. Mabrie can use fillers to counter the hollowed look that adds years to your appearance.

The Temples
& The Attractive Face

Framing An Attractive Face

The temples are an integral part of the clean visual lines that characterize an attractive face. Most people take for granted that their temples create a framework for the eyes and forehead and help these important features to shine. It's only when the fat pad in the temples begins to lose volume with age that the temples become an issue. This can cause the face to look gaunt or skeletonized, contributing to an aged appearance.

Temple Dermal Fillers

Featured Case

Dr. Mabrie is one of the few facial plastic surgeons who specialize in using fillers to treat the temple area. This procedure requires an elite level of training with dermal fillers, as well as thorough knowledge of the delicate facial muscles, bones and blood vessels.

Learn more about dermal fillers for the temples.

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