You might believe that exotic or striking features epitomize beauty, but research proves otherwise. Studies show that men and women find “average” faces more attractive. But in this case, “average” means balanced proportions and a lack of irregularities. Dr. Mabrie specializes in the use of injectables to create harmonious facial contours that are ultimately more attractive.

Your Most Attractive Self

Unlike the average facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Mabrie doesn’t “push” cosmetic surgery at his San Francisco practice. Visit him to find out which non-surgical changes will make the biggest difference for you. Request a consultation online or call us at  (415) 445-9513 today.

Familiar, but not Ordinary

Humans find comfort in familiarity, and recent research shows that this carries over into our ideas about attractiveness. This doesn’t mean that we need to see a mirror image of ourselves or our family members in a potential mate. However, it does mean that we prefer looks that don’t stray too far from the prototypical “attractive face.”

In Dr. Mabrie’s many years of experience with facial rejuvenation in San Francisco, he has refined the art of using injectables to correct the certain irregularities that can cause a face to deviate from the standard of beauty. He uses these remarkable products to improve contours and smooth shadows, folds and other irregularities. He can enhance the symmetry and proportionality of the features, while allowing each individual to retain her own unique beauty.