Most of us like to have photos taken of our “good side,” the side that for some reason looks a little better. No one has a perfectly symmetrical face, but symmetry is a quality that is universally attractive. Dr. Mabrie uses injectables to make the contours of your face more even, improving symmetry without facial plastic surgery. For his San Francisco patients, facial rejuvenation with fillers creates an attractive face from any side.

The Power of Subtle Changes

Dr. Mabrie evaluates the composition of your face and how each feature contributes to its symmetry. He then utilizes very specific refinements to enhance the balance and attractiveness of your face, usually without cosmetic surgery. Visit him in San Francisco and find out which small changes will make the biggest difference for you. Request a consultation online or call us at  (415) 445-9513 today.

Balanced, but not Perfect

Although research affirms the importance of symmetry, most people agree that a perfectly symmetrical face is unnatural, if not impossible. In his 15 years of experience as a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Mabrie has noticed that people typically have lower cheek bones on one side of their face. This will cause that side of the face to sag more than the other. Shadows under the eyes will be more prominent on this side. The corner of the mouth may droop slightly on this half of the face. All of this combined contributes to the perception that this is your “bad side.”

Dr. Mabrie’s goal with fillers isn’t necessarily to make the face perfectly symmetric, but to create improved balance between the two halves of the face. He carefully sculpts certain areas, improving the definition, shape, and contour of one side more than the other. If there is asymmetry of the brows, he can improve brow position using Dysport® or BOTOX®. His San Francisco patients find that these carefully executed improvements help them to look younger and more attractive.