Lifting & Contouring the Cheeks With Dermal Fillers

Attractive cheekbones are an important element of facial beauty. Well-defined cheeks create balance, improve the facial profile, and are a symbol of youth. Some men and women are frustrated because their cheeks have never been well contoured, while many others have lost facial volume with age and would like to restore fullness for a more youthful appearance. Dr. Mabrie’s specializes in cheek augmentation with dermal fillers at his San Francisco practice using options such as Restylane®, Restylane® Lyft, RADIESSE®, JUVÉDERM®, and JUVÉDERM VOLUMA®.

Seeing is Believing

Any woman who contours her mid–face with blush, bronzer or highlighter every day understands the importance of the cheeks to an attractive face. Dr. Mabrie uses fillers to make small, specific changes to the cheeks can have an effect that spreads to the entire face.

Defined cheekbones can make a man look healthy and fit. Good bone structure supports the tissue and muscle underlying the cheeks, helping to maintain the face's youthful quality. Dr. Mabrie may treat bags or dark circles under the eyes along with the cheeks to ensure a seamless, fresh appearance.

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Cheeks and the Aging Face

We know research supports the universal appeal of high cheekbones as an important feature of an attractive face. Youthful volume in the midface also signals vitality, health, and attractiveness. Age, however, inevitably saps the volume from our face and cheeks begin to flatten and sag. The skin on the cheeks can start to droop and form jowls and nasolabial folds— the grooves that run from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth. Sagging cheeks can also contribute to hollows and shadows beneath the eyes.

Cheek augmentation can improve the overall attractiveness of the face by improving its shape. Cheek augmentation is often needed to support sagging facial skin and improve shadows under the eyes.

Your Cheek Filler Treatment

Dermal fillers are FDA-approved products made with naturally occurring substances. They are injected beneath the skin in the targeted areas using a microcannula. Once the filler substance has been injected, it plumps up the skin from beneath, filling wrinkles or augmenting facial features such as cheeks. People often combine dermal fillers with BOTOX® Cosmetic for more complete facial enhancement.

Treatment with dermal fillers is entirely nonsurgical and is performed right in Dr. Mabrie’s office. During the cheek enhancement procedure, the filler material can be injected in several ways, such as:

  • Above the cheekbones to achieve more definition or a “chiseled” look
  • Into the soft tissue of the cheeks, “lifting” the area to correct an aged or sunken appearance

Choose a Skilled Injector

Dr. Mabrie has an elite level of training and experience with facial fillers, and is uniquely qualified to perform cheek augmentation. People trust him to restore lost volume or enhance the cheekbones in a way that looks perfectly natural—not surgical. Adding volume with fillers can help to smooth nasolabial folds, improve laxity in the lower face, and eliminate a sunken or flattened appearance.

Common Questions

How much does it cost?

The fee for the Midface Procedure (which includes the Nasolabial Folds, cheeks, and under eyes) is $4,500 at Mabrie Facial Cosmetic. Our one-time initial examination fee is $300.00, which covers a comprehensive facial assessment, clinical photography, identification of your goals, and development of a personal treatment plan. Our pricing includes an additional syringe of filler at no additional cost during your refinement visit; additional syringes of filler are priced at a discount ($500-$600) when the Refinement Treatment is scheduled within 1 to 2 months. For a complete list of filler treatment packages, neurotoxin, and KYBELLA prices, please visit our Fees & Financing page.

How long will my cheek fillers last?

Fillers such as RADIESSE, Restylane, and JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC achieve very natural-looking improvement with results that can last from several months to 2 years, depending upon the specific filler used. As part of his Illumination 360° approach, Dr. Mabrie typically performs regularly scheduled touch-ups to continue to refine and prolong your results.

What side effects can I expect?

Some common injection-related reactions may occur, such as swelling, bruising, pain, itching, discoloration, and tenderness at the injection site. For additional information, read what to expect during and after your treatment.

Can’t I just get cheek implants?

Yes, but more and more people are opting for fillers instead of implants because of the numerous advantages. Surgery will leave you swollen for 1 to 2 weeks and you may have to wait up to 2 months to see final results. Fillers provide immediate results with little to no bruising or swelling. Also, fillers are easily adjustable and reversible, and Dr. Mabrie works with you in real time to ensure he achieves your cosmetic goals. Finally, there is much less risk of complication and infection with dermal fillers as opposed to implants.

Dr. David Mabrie

For more than a decade, Dr. David Mabrie has been perfecting his technique for optimizing facial beauty with dermal fillers. He is the only facial plastic surgeon in San Francisco whose practice is focused entirely on injectables.

If you are interested in learning more about improving the look of your cheeks/midface, request a consultation online with Dr. Mabrie or call us at (415) 445-9513 to schedule your initial appointment.