Eileen’s Non Surgical Rhinoplasty With Dermal Fillers | Wedding Day Prep, Part 1 of 2

Candid wedding photo of patient who had the nonsurgical rhinoplasty procedure

With wedding season in full swing, getting the most “bang” for your non surgical “buck” has been on our minds. In this 2-part blog series, we’re covering procedures that can significantly enhance and improve your features without the downtime associated with surgery.

Let’s talk about Eileen. This 29-year-old pharmacist had been considering facial contouring for years, but her upcoming wedding gave her the motivation she needed to move forward. In 3 separate appointments, I used an injectable filler to improve the dimensions of her nose, making the initial improvements during the first appointment before refining those results in the subsequent 2 appointments.

I chose Restylane® to complete Eileen’s non surgical rhinoplasty with dermal fillers in my San Francisco Bay Area office. By spacing out her transformation through 3 appointments, I allowed the product to “settle” and assume its ultimate position before adding more enhancement. It’s always best to start conservatively with fillers–you can add more if needed, but it can be tough to take them away. Once we achieved Eileen’s ultimate goal, we stopped refining. The results of her non surgical rhinoplasty can last for about 6 months, allowing her to enjoy her wedding day and honeymoon without worrying about her beautiful visage. Check out her results for yourself:

Eileen nonsurgical rhinoplasty before and after profile

But let’s not forget everyone else who may be the focus of attention at a wedding. Grooms, moms, and dads have eyes on them, too. And the good news is that they have their own options for looking amazing.

Mother of the Bride

Moms in their 50s and 60s can enjoy deep results with my innovative Illumination 360 technique. This procedure creates full-face improvement with the strategic use of fillers. Illumination 360 is no ordinary filler procedure. Instead, it’s a series of treatments during which I evaluate your facial features and gently add fillers to improve facial harmony by correcting contour irregularities, volume loss, and imperfections from the inside out. I call this technique Illumination 360 because it aims to improve your facial features from all angles, ensuring you look amazing no matter how you’re positioned.

wedding day timeline

Dads and Grooms 

Men have plenty of options that have been tailored just for them. The male face has different standards of attractiveness than the female face, so I believe it’s vitally important to take a thoughtful approach when treating men. For example, when it comes to fillers to sculpt the male face, more isn’t necessarily better. The typical male patient who visits me for non surgical improvement wants to add definition or projection to his chin or jawline to create a strong profile that blends with his other features. Additionally, looking well-rested is important, especially since the male face can be very susceptible to sagging skin and sun damage. Adding volume around the eyes can create a lifted, refreshed appearance that can make a groom look his best on his special day.

Let’s get started! Contact my office online today or call (415) 445-9513 to discover exactly how good you can look.

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Dr. David Mabrie

Dr. David Mabrie

Facial Plastic Surgeon & Founder of Mabrie Facial Institute Dr. David Mabrie is a recognized leader, innovator, and educator in the use of dermal fillers for facial sculpting and has dedicated his practice entirely to facial rejuvenation with injectables. Years of experience led Dr. Mabrie to pioneer the Illumination 360° approach, just one of the ways Dr. Mabrie brings life to his practice’s mantra: “your face, perfected.”

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