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A Smooth, Contoured Nose

As the central feature, the nose is a critical component of the attractive face. While a good nose goes almost unnoticed, one that is too large, crooked or unattractively shaped will draw immediate attention. In fact, it is difficult to highlight your more attractive features when the nose is out of balance. Dr. Mabrie has earned a reputation for the results he creates through surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty in San Francisco.

The Nose
& The Attractive Face

Your Most Attractive Nose

In terms of attractiveness, the best noses are those that don't stand out. Studies show that we are attracted to familiar features more than those that are striking or unusual, and this is particularly true with noses. Generally, straight, smooth contours, good projection, and a proportional size and shape are the characteristics of an attractive nose.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Nostril Reduction

Surgical Rhinoplasty

Featured Cases

Case 338

ABOUT OUR PATIENT   So many people are unhappy with their nasal tip!  It’s either "too round" or "too droopy". This young lady from the Castro Valley was concerned with the latter. She wasn’t thrilled with her nose’s curvature or the way the tip pointed downward. As intent as she was on finding a fix for her issue, she wasn’t comfortable with surgical procedures...

Case 325

ABOUT OUR PATIENT After doing some research about non surgical treatment, this young man from Brazil stopped by my San Francisco office for a consultation. He had a clear vision of what he wanted to improve-his nose. He wanted to remove a small distracting bump and make the tip appear more upturned. Facial dermal filler treatments are ideal for these kinds of aesthetic defects, so I was more than...

Case 312

ABOUT OUR PATIENT For about a year, this 40-something mother of two had thought about getting a treatment for her nose. She started doing research about her options and came across the reviews and photos for my cosmetic surgery practice. Soon after, I was glad to welcome her to my San Francisco office where I gave her an in-depth consultation. DR. MABRIE'S TREATMENT PLAN For this patient, I per...

Case 300

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This African American man in his 20's had a big problem: he had long felt his nose detracted from the rest of his face. While he appreciated its shape in general, he felt it made him look too childlike. During his search for a surgeon experienced in Ethnic Rhinoplasty, my videos caught his eye, so we met in my downtown San Francisco office, where I consulted with him about non...

Case 280

Background: This woman, from Modesto, was now in her 50's and wanted to rejuvenate her looks. She spent time researching cosmetic surgeons and procedures, and decided to consult with Dr. Mabrie after reviewing his website. They discussed options for giving her a younger and more attractive looking face. She had never received Dermafillers before and was concerned about bruising, as she did not kno...

Case 227

Background: This east bay woman consulted with Dr. Mabrie in his San Francisco office about non-surgical Rhinoplasty. In general she was happy with the overall size and character of her nose, but wondered if some small improvements could be made. Her two main concerns: 1. She didn't want her nose to look "done". 2. She was afraid of needles!   Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: “This ca...

Case 221

Background: This woman was primarily concerned with her profile. She felt the curvature was extreme and made the nose seem large. She found Dr. Mabrie online and consulted about non-surgical treatment. Dr. Mabrie’s Assessment: “This was a very satisfying case. We both agreed that her concerns were slightly different from many of the cases previously seen in my photo gallery. This...

Case 218

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This young lady was already feeling somewhat satisfied with the shaping of her nose, but she knew there was room for improvement. She felt it looked a little round and slightly undefined. Basically, she was looking for a change that was defining but not too drastic. After searching online for a facial plastic surgeon specializing in Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, she found our before...

Case 210

ABOUT OUR PATIENT This patient initially visited my San Francisco office interested in finding the right kind of filler treatment for bags under her eyes. I noticed her nose was somewhat misshapen and injured as well. She told me it was the result of a Rhinoplasty she had many years ago. There has been a hump reduction during the Rhinoplasty surgery, which had caused the middle cartilaginous port...

Case 208

  Achieve similar results non-surgically! Check out this case: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Background: This young San Francisco woman was interested in Rhinoplasty surgery.  She chose Dr. Mabrie because of his experience with preserving ethnic characteristics and maintaining natural results.  She wanted a softer nose, like her mother's, with better symmetry, a smaller tip, and ...

Case 201

  Achieve similar results non-surgically! Check out this case: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Background: This woman had long considered Rhinoplasty surgery. Her nasal tip was full and similar in size and shape to the nose of her father. While she liked his nose on him, she wanted something softer and more feminine. After searching several plastic surgery websites of doctors in San Francisc...

Case 198

Background: This young lady was unhappy with her nose. She felt the bridge and tip were too wide. She did some research for non-surgical rhinoplasty and after viewing similar cases by San Francisco facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Mabrie,  made an appointment. Dr. Mabrie's Assesment: This young woman of pacific island decent has requests that are common for patients researching Asian rhinoplasty ...

Case 195

< Achieve similar results non-surgically! Check out this case: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Revision  Background: This young woman had a previous Rhinoplasty years ago that had given good results. Years later she started to see a change in those results. She came in to see Dr. Mabrie for a consult with specific goals in mind. 1. Narrow the nasal bridge. 2. Make the tip less round. 3...

Case 169

  Achieve similar results non-surgically! Check out this case: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Background: This 24 year old African American woman consulted with Dr. Mabrie about Rhinoplasty in San Francisco to improve the appearance of her nose. She explained that she would like the bridge thinner and tip more detained to match her face. Dr. Mabrie's Assessment: "The nose actually has a ni...

Case 120

Background: This 21 year old Tourism student is of Spanish and Italian ethnic background. She had a history of trauma a few years ago during a water polo incident.  Her concerns were to: 1. Primarily reduce the bump in her nasal dorsum, 2. Resolve her difficulty in breathing, 3. To smooth the lines in her nose, and 4. To maintain the look and character of her nose. Dr Mabrie&...

See All Before & After Photos
See All Before & After Photos

Dr. Mabrie specializes in innovative approaches to nose reshaping in San Francisco through surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty. No matter your age, gender, or ethnicity, he can make subtle changes that vastly improve the appearance of your nose without stripping it of its character. These include:

Augmenting the bridge – Some patients lack projection or definition and need their nasal dorsum/nasal bridge augmented. This can be done either surgically or non–surgically. Learn more about augmenting the bridge.

Reducing a bump/hump on the bridge - A bump or hump on the bridge of the nose can distort the profile and make the nose overly prominent. Streamlining the nasal bridge is a component of approximately 80% of the rhinoplasties Dr. Mabrie performs. A small hump can sometimes be camouflaged with non-surgical rhinoplasty. Learn more about hump reduction.

Correcting deviations, fractures & concavities – Straight, smooth nasal contours are key to an attractive nose. If the nose is crooked, asymmetrical, or indented, it can detract from the beauty of the face. Whether it's a congenital condition or the result of trauma or prior surgery, Dr. Mabrie is uniquely qualified to address these concerns. Learn more about nasal deviation.

Refining the nasal tip - As the point of farthest projection, the tip of the nose is very important to the overall appearance of the nose. If the tip is bulbous, undefined, droopy or asymmetrical, it can overshadow other features. Dr. Mabrie offers both surgical and non-surgical options for tip correction. Learn more about refining the nasal tip.

Reducing large nostrils - Many people come to Dr. Mabrie seeking nostril reduction, either alone or as a component of their nose surgery. They are often surprised to learn that non-surgical rhinoplasty can significantly improve the appearance of large nostrils by adding definition to the bridge or tip. If surgery is done, it requires a conservative approach and a skilled surgeon to avoid a "worked on" look. Learn more about nostril reduction.

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