We Took the Injectables vs. Snapchat Filters Challenge

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I’ve recently noticed the popularity of Snapchat filters, especially here in San Francisco. I know guys, I’m over 45, so it’s taken me a minute to see what the buzz is all about (and, by the way, I do think that my wife and son look adorable with bunny ears).

Dr. Mabrie's wife and son with Snapchat filterSo, I totally get it. And, yes, I must admit I’ve spent a few minutes trying on the rockstar sunglasses and wearing puppy dog ears. The filters are pretty cool.

What got my attention, in particular, were the beauty filters that I’ve seen posted on social media. You know, the ones with the flower and butterfly crowns. I’ve even had a few patients considering dermal fillers such as  JUVÉDERM® or neuromodulators like BOTOX® here in the San Francisco Bay Area send me their Snapchat filter photos and request, “Can you make me look like this?”
Can you make me look like this?

So, as a surgeon that studies faces, I had to dive in a little deeper to learn more about this phenomenon.

What is it about these beauty filters that makes everyone look a little fresher, a little better? The filters make slight modifications to your features without making you look too different. You look like the rockstar version of yourself. So, it got me thinking… Can we achieve similar results when applying my Illumination 360 approach using dermal fillers to correct and enhance the face? Now, for a volunteer…

Crystal’s Snapchat Challenge

Introducing Crystal, our new medical assitant

Meet Crystal, our newest medical assistant and our Snapchat Challenge volunteer! She was pretty excited to participate in our challenge: Can we take the elements of the Snapchat beauty filter and translate them into actual results using my Illumination 360 approach with dermal fillers? To do so, I first examined how the Snapchat beauty filter works to enhance her appearance. 

Crystal with and without a Snapchat filter

How do Snapchat filters make you look better?

Beyond the crown, there are a few things the filter does to make Crystal look her best:

  • Smooths the complexion
  • Thins facial shape, including the chin
  • Contours cheeks
  • Narrows the nasal bridge
  • Creates fuller lips
  • Lightens dark or shadowed areas, especially dark circles under the eyes
  • Highlights and contours key areas of the face (cheeks, chin, and tip of the nose)

How does Illumination 360 compare to a Snapchat filter?

The Illumination 360 approach with dermal fillers has much the same effect as a Snapchat beauty filter, with one major exception: Illumination 360 is not limited to the lens of your smartphone. Using dermal fillers, we can create the best version of your face. No filter required.

Crystal before and after

Here are Crystal’s results after dermal filler and BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments. You’ll notice that she has more definition to her cheeks and chin. The lines near the corners of her mouth are softened, her lips are fuller, her nose is more defined, and her under-eye bags are diminished. Crystal looks refreshed without looking “done.”

What do Illumination 360 and the Snapchat beauty filter have in common?

Both change the way light is reflected on the face. By correcting areas of volume loss and highlighting key facial features, you can rejuvenate and enhance your appearance. You will look your best at every angle and in any lighting.

Challenge Complete

Crystal's dermal fillers before and after compared to a Snapchat filter

Here are Crystal’s before-and-after photographs using the Illumination 360 approach with BOTOX and dermal fillers, compared to her Snapchat beauty filter in the middle. I think we got pretty close! I was happy with what we could accomplish using dermal fillers on Crystal’s full face. What are your thoughts?

Are you ready for your own Snapchat challenge?

The great thing about the Illumination 360 approach using BOTOX and dermal fillers at my San Francisco Bay Area practice is that it works for everyone: men and women, young and seasoned.  You’ll look refreshed, awake, and ready—like you’ve just returned from a long, relaxing, vacation. It’s the best version of you.

To get there, we’ll start with a full face evaluation and develop a treatment plan to complement your unique anatomy. During your assessment, I examine your face from all angles under different lighting scenarios. This Revealing Lighting Assessment (RLA) enables me to identify sunken, shadowed areas that create an older appearance, where we’ll replace volume. We’ll also identify key areas to enhance your unique facial characteristics. Your customized treatment plan will help you achieve the refreshed, naturally beautiful look you’re seeking — no matter where the light is coming from.

Some final thoughts: Snapchat filters can make you look great in pictures, however, those Snapchats disappear. If you want results that last, consider dermal fillers and the Illumination 360 approach. #nofilter

Want to learn more about how Illumination 360 treatments using BOTOX and dermal fillers here in the San Francisco Bay Area can help you reveal your rockstar self? Contact us online or call (415) 445-9513 to get started.

Coming Up Next

Meet Jessica, who contacted Dr. Mabrie after loving her Snapchat filter photo. Watch a preview of her journey below, and check out this blog post to learn more about her story.

Dr. David Mabrie

Dr. David Mabrie

Facial Plastic Surgeon & Founder of Mabrie Facial Institute

Dr. David Mabrie is a recognized leader, innovator, and educator in the use of dermal fillers for facial sculpting and has dedicated his practice entirely to facial rejuvenation with injectables. Years of experience led Dr. Mabrie to pioneer the Illumination 360° approach, just one of the ways Dr. Mabrie brings life to his practice’s mantra: “your face, perfected.”

19 Responses to We Took the Injectables vs. Snapchat Filters Challenge

  • Emme says:

    Ha! This is a great example of tech influencing our perceptions of beauty. I love that we have the option to remake ourselves into our ideal self!

  • NA says:

    I think you tend to over-fill people, and after a while everyone starts to look like weird “real housewives” ..you guys are so used to it you can’t even tell. It may look good in pictures but in person it’s very obvious. This girl is 20-something, her face will be looking like plastic by her 40’s if she’s messing with fillers starting now. At some point you stop looking like yourself, and you just look like every other filled person. You can’t stop aging, it’s just a different aged look.

    • Dr. David Mabrie says:

      @Me2020@yahoo.com – You raise a valid concern. Filler placed aggressively or inexpertly can cause an unnatural look. A key component of our Illumination 360 approach is to place fillers strategically; in a way that looks like the “best version” of you, not a weird, plastic outcome. Your concern underscores the importance of choosing an experienced injector with the same aesthetic taste as you. Thank you for your sharing your thoughts!

  • Jate says:

    So funny. All my friends use these filters and post them on their Instagram bc they like the way they look! Little do they know they can do it themselves IRL (in real life)

    • Dr. David Mabrie says:

      @jwhome – thank you for checking-out our blog. I don’t use Belafil in my practice. I prefer to use Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers that are reversible instead allowing patients ultimate flexibility with their results.

  • Halli A says:

    This is the post that convinced me to pick Dr Mabrie out of everyone I researched and he absolutely lived up to every single positive review. Looking forward to a beautiful journey with dr. Mabrie and illumination 360!

  • Mojgon Davari says:

    I had an experience I will never forget !! It was worth every penny , I look younger and I feel younger !!

  • Sophie says:

    Hi there,

    My name is Sophie and I’m with the Inside Edition digital team in NYC. I’d love to talk to Crystal to learn more about her experience with this challenge.
    Is there any way you could get me in touch with her?


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