Popular, Proven Wrinkle Eraser

Widely acclaimed and overwhelmingly popular, BOTOX has become a staple of aesthetic medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. It—or other neuromodulators such as Dysport®—is often the first treatment people try, prior to considering surgery. BOTOX is, in fact, a great way to enter the facial cosmetic world, as the results can be beautiful and the risks are minimal. The associates at Mabrie Facial Institute ensure that the men and women who visit our office truly understand what BOTOX can and cannot do, so that they can make educated choices.

The way neuromodulators like BOTOX work is surprisingly simple. They are made with a purified protein that, when injected into a targeted facial muscle, blocks the nerve impulses to that muscle. As a result, the muscle relaxes and the skin lies smooth, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

How Long Does BOTOX Last?

Results appear in several days and will last about 3 months. You can maintain and improve upon the longevity of your results with regularly scheduled maintenance treatments.

How Many Units of BOTOX Will I Need?

You could need as little as 1 unit or as much as hundreds of units; it all depends on the concern being treated, the number of treatment areas, and other factors. This is a very common question, and while we cannot, with precision, determine how much product each patient will need for specific treatment concerns, we can provide a general estimate. Please refer to the graphic for average units per treatment area.

Units of Botox needed for each location of the face

Wrinkle Reduction With BOTOX

BOTOX Cosmetic reduces the appearance of wrinkles between the brows, on the forehead, and around the eyes that are caused by repeated movement of facial muscles over time. These include:

Frowning Wrinkles

These are the vertical frown lines between the eyebrows that can etch a permanent frowning expression on your face.Dr. Mabrie uses BOTOX and Dysport to relax the 3 strong muscles that cause these glabellar lines.

Forehead Wrinkles

When you elevate your brows, the skin on your forehead folds like an accordion. This can etch deep horizontal lines across your forehead, making you look older. We treat forehead wrinkles with a conservative approach since misuse of BOTOX in these muscles can cause the eyebrows to sag.

Crow’s Feet

Most people are familiar with crow’s feet—those branch-like lines at the outer corners of the eye. They are caused by repeated smiling and squinting, and are a hallmark of an aging face. BOTOX injections are a popular and effective choice for smoothing out this area, and some women start treatment in their late 20s or early 30s.

Brow Lift With BOTOX

Many people are unaware that BOTOX can be used to create a subtle yet noticeable brow lift without surgery. Our injectors specialize in this “chemical brow lift” that can open up the eye area for women and men whose brows have begun to sag.

Other Options

BOTOX is a procedure that brings many men and women through the door of a cosmetic surgery office. What they may discover during their consultation is that most people who are candidates for BOTOX could also benefit from dermal fillers. We specialize exclusively in nonsurgical facial rejuvenation and contouring and bring a fresh new perspective to non-surgical options. We can recommend an injectable treatment for your specific goals.

Many people discover that dermal fillers are better suited for their needs. While BOTOX can only improve wrinkles caused by movement of facial muscles, dermal fillers can improve a wider variety of wrinkles and creases, such as nasolabial folds (parentheses), smile lines, and lip lines. In addition to wrinkle reduction, dermal fillers may also be used for gentle facial sculpting. They can add volume to features such as the nose, cheeks, and lips. They can also fill in the area beneath the eyes, reducing dark circles.

I'm a top 25 Most Loved Injector

Out of 2,000 nominees in the U.S., Dr. Mabrie was voted one of the Top 25 Most Loved Injectors for 2017 by the RealSelf community. Thanks to all our amazing patients for making him the only injector in the Bay Area to receive this honor.

Of course, BOTOX and dermal fillers are only as effective as the injector performing the procedure. Dr. Mabrie and Kimberly are artists and skilled technicians when it comes to these treatments. Their focus on the face has led to a remarkable understanding of facial skin and structure—an understanding that helps them achieve exceptional results.

You’re unique, and you deserve an expert injector who will perform a treatment for your unique needs. Find out why so many women and men choose Mabrie Facial Institute for BOTOX treatment in the San Francisco Bay Area. To get started, request a consultation online or call our office at (415) 445-9513.

Dr. David Mabrie

For more than a decade, Dr. David Mabrie has been perfecting his technique for optimizing facial beauty with dermal fillers. He is the only facial plastic surgeon in San Francisco whose practice is focused entirely on injectables.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does BOTOX cost?

The price of BOTOX Cosmetic treatment begins at $360 for a single treatment area. The price is dependent on the amount of product used and the number of treatment areas. Prices are subject to change, so please call or check our Fees & Financing page for current pricing.

Can BOTOX prevent wrinkles?

Yes, BOTOX can postpone or prevent the formation of wrinkles if treatment is started early. Women and men in their 20s and 30s have embraced BOTOX for its ability to delay the formation of dynamic wrinkles (those formed by repeated facial expressions). By preventing the movements that fold and crease the skin repeatedly, BOTOX can prevent dynamic wrinkles from setting in.

Will my face look worse than before treatment if I stop getting BOTOX injections?

In a word, No! BOTOX works by blocking nerve signals to muscles that would normally tell those muscles to contract. When those muscles are not contracting the skin above lies smooth! BOTOX is temporary, lasting an average of 3 months, at this point, the muscles will slowly regain their ability to contract. If you discontinue treatment those dynamic wrinkles may reappear over time but your face should not look worse than before you began treatment.