Introducing Illumination 360°!

Illumination360, Dr. Mabrie's dermal filler treatment plan here in San Francisco.The rockstar version of you is waiting… and the perfect version of your face is achievable with Illumination 360°: The Pathway to Your Perfect Face!

As a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in San Francisco, it’s been my life’s work to help people look their best. I’m passionate about nonsurgical rejuvenation. For the last 10 years, I’ve focused my practice on perfecting nonsurgical enhancement with dermal fillers here in San Francisco. What I’ve found is that everyone has their own version of the perfect face. With Illumination 360°, we can correct areas of volume deficit and define certain focal points of the face to create a face that is well-proportioned and balanced, free of sagging skin and dark circles. The end result highlights your key features. I call this Illumination 360°. You’ll look your best from every angle.

The Pathway to Your Perfect Face starts with a treatment plan that’s uniquely designed to help you achieve the best version of you. Your first treatments will focus on correcting areas of volume deficits — like the under-eyes, midface, and nasolabial folds. Those are the areas that can make you appear tired and aged. After your first treatment, you will appear noticeably refreshed.

Rockstar-headingSee this patient's dermal filler treatment pathway in San Francisco.

Your Pathway appointments will often be a combination of correcting and defining your features. There will be a subtle, yet remarkable change in your appearance.

Everyone-headingIllumination 360° is for both men and women, young and old. Every treatment plan uses the same principles, but it’s also entirely unique and customized, meaning it can benefit anyone who is looking for a rejuvenated or enhanced appearance.

See this patient's dermal filler treatment pathway in San Francisco.In this example, you see how strengthening the chin and jawline can chisel the male appearance.

correct-define-enjoy-headingTake a look at another Illumination 360°: Pathway to Your Perfect Face example. This vivacious woman in her 60s was looking for options to improve her under-eye bags. She was excited about a treatment plan that didn’t involve surgery and could be done over the course of a few visits. We were both pretty excited about her results, and she was particularly excited to celebrate a milestone birthday with a revitalized appearance and a rejuvenated spirit.

See this patient's dermal filler treatment pathway in San Francisco.The Illumination 360° treatment takes a similar approach to each patient while carefully considering individual concerns. In every patient, the treatment approach is really dictated by the way light is reflected and shadows are created by facial features. For example, bags under the eyes may be exaggerated by shadows cast on that area, or cheeks may appear more hollow when light does not reflect off of them. And areas that reflect or absorb light in unfavorable ways can be corrected and refined, so light becomes a way to accentuate and enhance your facial features. My approach considers the appearance of a patient’s face from all angles, so that patient can look their best in any light.

In upcoming blog posts, I’ll share more Illumination 360° Pathways and real patient stories that demonstrate how dermal fillers can rejuvenate and enhance your features.

To learn more about how Illumination 360°: The Pathway to Your Perfect Face can help you achieve your best version of you, be sure to check out my new video series.

14 Responses to Introducing Illumination 360°!

  • Rikki Fordahl says:

    Wow….10-12 syringes of filler on each patient? That is so expensive for a temporary fix that you need to “keep up”. Fillers cost 450-700 a syringe! This is one way to get the patient “addicted” to fillers, cause its never ending! yikes!

    • Dr. David Mabrie says:

      @Rikk – thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m so glad that you brought up this topic. I think other people looking at treatment may have the same concerns about the syringe quantity.

      Keep in mind that each patient is different and may require more or less depending on their anatomy, schedule, and goals. You can certainly opt to achieve a more rapid transformation (as with this particular patient) or receive treatment in intervals (throughout the year). The choice is entirely yours.

      The dermal fillers are temporary, so you do need to return periodically to maintain your results. Depending on the area, that may be 1 to 2 times a year. The great news is…once you achieve Your Perfect Face the maintenance treatment will require less syringes. I like to explain dermal fillers like this….consider it as you would with any other grooming or beauty treatment; let’s say a haircut. As you would get a haircut throughout your life to maintain your style of choice, dermal fillers can be thought of in the same way. The haircut is temporary and requires a trim over time, that person isn’t “addicted” to hair cuts. Maintaining your results is a good way to keep your appearance fresh and protects your investment in yourself.

    • Anna Lissa Jack says:

      Thank you Doctor for the clarity. Makes a lot of sense when you compare it to, hair cut, perm, braids, facials etc. LOL. You invest in what’s important to you!

    • Dr. David Mabrie says:

      @Jean – thank you for checking-out our blog and letting us know that you love your treatment. Yes! Fillers and Dr. Mabrie can do magic.

  • Duaine Oen says:

    Dear Dr. Mabrie,

    Do you still do chin implants? I am strongly thinking of getting fillers for the rest of my face but really want a more permanent solution for my chin. I noticed that your website no longer shows any surgical procedures and I would like to know the cost of the implant if you still perform them.

    Thank you,

    Duaine Oen

    • Dr. David Mabrie says:

      @Duaine – Thank you for your question. I’m solely performing non-surgical chin augmentation. I find that patients appreciate the precision of dermal fillers and flexibility that the non-surgical treatment provides. If you would like a surgeon referral in the San Francisco Bay Area, give the office a call: 415-445-9513. Best of luck!

  • Katie says:

    Hi Dr Mabrie,

    Your results are fantastic and I’d love to have some fillers injected into my nose and other areas of my face. My problem is that I live in Australia, and the maintenance of travelling to the States every year may not be possible.

    Is it a bad idea to have the “template” done by yourself, and then have maintenance completed by someone else? There is just nobody in Australia who has the eye and precision that you do!

    Thank you!

    • Dr. David Mabrie says:

      @Katrina ~ thank you very much for the compliment! We would love to see you in our San Francisco office. Please let us know if your travels ever bring you to the Bay Area. We follow a few offices in Australia and would be happy to work with you to develop a personal treatment plan that you could maintain at home. Please email the office at: and we can do some planning.

      All the best!

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