Just like any other area of the body, your face can harbor pockets of fat cells that resist all efforts to dislodge them. In fact, if you have areas of fatty tissue around your chin or neck, they can be even more frustrating to deal with than love handles and saddlebags. Losing weight can help to some extent, but there’s no way to “tone up” your face through exercise.

Learn how Dr. Mabrie customizes dermal filler treatments to reveal Your Perfect Face—the one that looks great from any angle, in any light.

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Considering Facial Liposuction?

If fat deposits are what you see when you look in the mirror, chances are they’re not going to disappear anytime soon. The answer for you may be facial liposuction. This relatively non-invasive procedure can make a dramatic change in your looks.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you have fat deposits around your cheeks, neck and jaw line but you’re otherwise in good health, this procedure could be a good choice for you. In younger patients, removing excess fat is sometimes sufficient to bring about a big change. A non-surgical alternative called KYBELLA™ may be a good option if you are bothered by a double chin. KYBELLA is the first injectable treatment approved by the FDA to reduce fat in the area under the chin.

As with any facial cosmetic surgery, it’s important to have realistic expectations. Facial liposuction will improve your appearance, not change it dramatically. On the other hand, facial liposuction does deliver permanent results. It’s a great feeling to know that, since the procedure removes fat cells completely, fat will never be stored in your face again.

How Will I Look?

A few days after your San Francisco facial liposuction, you’ll have your first post-operative visit with Dr. Mabrie. He’ll remove your dressing and you’ll notice immediately that your jowls and double chins are gone! You won’t look like a different person, but you will look slimmer through the face and neck and more youthful. You may very well look happier, too.

How is Facial Liposuction Performed?

Area under chin that can be improved with facial liposuction

Area that can be improved with facial liposuction.

Area that can be improved with facial liposuction.

Facial liposuction, known as submentoplasty, is performed in our San Francisco practice, usually under local or “twilight” anesthesia. It normally takes about an hour.

When performing a facial liposuction procedure on the chin and neck, Dr. Mabrie usually makes a short incision in a pre-existing, natural crease below your chin. Scars are of little to no concern. Using excision and a delicate suction device, he removes excess fat. He then closes the incision and applies a small bandage. When finished, Dr. Mabrie wraps your face with a pressure dressing and you’ll be ready to go home to relax.

Risks associated with this procedure are few, but it’s important you are acquainted with them prior to surgery. Dr. Mabrie will discuss possible risks and complications with you during your consultation.

How Much Pain Is Involved?

Unlike liposuction of the body, facial liposuction causes very little pain. You will feel nothing, of course, under local anesthesia, and the medication administered during your surgery will help minimize pain and possible nausea afterward. As you recover, any discomfort you may feel should be relieved with over-the-counter medication.

How do I Prepare for Surgery?

Dr. Mabrie’s staff will advise you about the type of assistance you may need to get home from surgery and at home for the first night. They will likely ask you to arrange to have someone help you during this immediate post-operative period.

You’ll need to give some thought to the type of food to have on hand at home. This partly depends on your incisions. You may find it helpful to have soft foods while your face is swollen, and if you have oral incisions you may need to restrict your diet to minimize the possibility of infection. Dr. Mabrie and his team will let you know what to expect and how to prepare.

Because you’ll experience some bruising and swelling, you may consider arranging to spend as long as two weeks away from work and other public activities.

Facial Liposuction Recovery

Bandages 1 day
Suture Removal 5-7 days
Restaurant Ready* 2 days
80% Results 2 months
100% Results 6 months
*Restaurant Ready means you are ready to debut the new you!

What Is the Recovery Like?

Once your surgery is complete, Dr. Mabrie will wrap you in a turban-like pressure dressing which you’ll keep on for about 1 day. Then you’ll come in to see Dr. Mabrie to have your stitches and bandages removed. During this time, over-the-counter pain medication should be sufficient to keep any discomfort at bay.

We recommend taking at least 4 days off to rest and to decrease the risk of bleeding after surgery; you may be able to return to work after that. Bruising varies from person to person, however, and generally lasts about 7 to 10 days. Also within the first ten days Dr. Mabrie will caution you to avoid any strenuous activities. Swelling will gradually subside over several months, revealing your new look.

Dr. David Mabrie

For more than a decade, Dr. David Mabrie has been perfecting his technique for optimizing facial beauty with dermal fillers. He is the only facial plastic surgeon in San Francisco whose practice is focused entirely on injectables.

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